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Shepherding Wolves

Shepherding Wolves is an Act 1 primary pursuit in .

In this quest Sister Petrice asks Hawke to guide a chained and collared Qunari from Kirkwall to freedom. The Qunari, who Petrice has dubbed Ketojan, can just only make gurgling noises. Ketojan is really a Saarebas, a Qunari mage.


Blackpowder Promise needs to be finished because of this rumor in order to become an energetic pursuit. The rumor has actually it that some one from Chantry offers good money for a mission. Go to Lowtown during the night to find out more. Simply south of this Hanged guy Hawke will discover Sister Petrice setting herself up for a first-class mugging. Rescue her and she offers Hawke the pursuit, welcoming the party to meet up with the lady at the woman safehouse for more information.


If Hawke allows the mission:

Note: computer xbox360 Hawke may well not get Bethany: friendship (+5)

If Hawke refuses:

Note: computer Hawke may not get Bethany: rivalry (+5) Note: on pcxbox360 Hawke might not gain approval from Isabela.

Note: If initially declined, it is possible Hawke cannot receive reputation gains the rest for this mission.

Since this is a principal quest, even when Hawke initially refuses, it should be finished.

In order to escape the city unseen, Sister Petrice instructs Hawke to guide Ketojan out of the town via an underground passage.

There are traps in the tunnels as well as the party will face spiders and a musical organization of thugs. Not one associated with the chests positioned in this area are locked, if you are interested in boosting endorsement for non-rogue friends, an unconcerned about traps, it may be more straightforward to forgo putting any rogues into the energetic celebration. The traps inside tunnel tend to be standard to identify and disarm (calling for a rogue with 20 cunning).

Just before battling the band of thugs, there is a cutscene where the thug leader confronts Hawke, hurling insults at him and Ketojan. The insults angers Ketojan, as soon as the thug frontrunner attempts to stab Hawke, Ketojan is provoked into action and unleashes his secret upon the thug frontrunner. This causes the rest of the thug musical organization to strike the party. Following the battle, you will find a few chests with assorted loot readily available before leaving the region. According to Hawke's class a chest will contain:

Boots associated with the Spiral EyeLight shoes
Silver Threaded
Requires: 21 secret
14 willpower

Armor: 38
+10 mana/stamina
+24 attack

(mage) Boots of the FallenHeavy shoes
Requires: 21 strength
14 constitution

Armor: 45
+10 health
+24 assault

(warrior) Final Descent BootsMedium shoes
Needs: 21 dexterity
14 cunning

Armor: 42
+2per cent crucial opportunity
+5per cent important damage


Upon leaving the underground tunnels on Wounded Coast, Hawke encounters an encampment of other Qunari, just who call Ketojan "Saarebas, " meaning "dangerous thing". Obviously, the people in Ketojan's karataam had been killed, and their health had been remaining in a trail causing where Hawke and other cohorts would emerge. The Arvaarad proclaim that since Ketojan has actually invested time without their handler, he might have-been corrupted by demons and thus is not permitted to live.

At this point, Hawke can:

Solution 1: Hand Ketojan up to be killed.

  • Anders: rivalry (+10)

Choice 2: will not control Ketojan over.

Note: computer Hawke might not get Bethany: friendship (+10)

Option 3: Inquire about a mage in your celebration (Hawke must inquire about Qunari mages first). This leads to a fight using Qunari, identical to refusing at hand Ketojan over.

  • Merrill: relationship (+5)

Choice 4: state "The Arishok knows of myself."

  • Does absolutely nothing; no endorsement changes whatsoever.

If Hawke arms Ketojan over, the Qunari will unbind Ketojan, and with their last words before distributing to a ceremonial demise, Ketojan acknowledges Hawke as worthy of after. The Qunari leader will unveil that since Hawke is worth after, also, they are worth the ceremonial demise now needed because of the Qun because Hawke spent time with an unsupervised mage. Consequently, Hawke is forced to battle in self defense purposes.

If Hawke does not want to hand Ketojan over or reveals that any celebration member is a mage, Merrill: relationship (+5), the Qunari will place Ketojan under a binding spell, and strike the party instantly - UNLESS Hawke has requested that Ketojan keep from attacking under any conditions (the intense talk choice readily available after Ketojan defends Hawke and Co. through the thugs). Saarebas should be unbound and it is then in a position to speak and choose his very own course. In accordance with the teachings regarding the Qun, he decides demise for himself and provides Hawke the Talisman of Saarebas before immolating himself with fire secret.

If there is a mage (apart from Hawke) in the active celebration through the preliminary confrontation utilizing the Qunari leader and Hawke asks the mage their particular viewpoint regarding the matter, the Qunari leader will end up enraged. If Hawke is a mage, they have a star substitute for ask Arvaarad the reason why the Qunari shackle their mages. This yields exactly the same result as having another mage into the party; an extra distinct discussion by Hawke will occur. Arvaarad will curse Hawke, claiming that Hawke is a demon contaminating their ears with her/his terms. He'll after that strike together with his causes, binding Ketojan in the same manner given that previous scenario (Ketojan will likely to be introduced from bondage whilst still being immolate himself). Hawke will not get any endorsement points in this certain scenario.

Go back to Lowtown

Return to Sister Petrice's safehouse in Lowtown during the night. Hawke finds Petrice and her Templar associate loading up, going to leave without a trace. When confronted she shows that had Hawke already been killed, she would purchased the occasions to turn the Chantry resistant to the Qunari.

If Hawke chooses the "I don't care, simply spend myself" alternative:

If Hawke chooses the "i will destroy you" choice:

  • Varric: rivalry (+5)

Complete the conversation to gather repayment and total the quest.

Note: Fenris will not get relationship or rivalry throughout this quest no matter answers.

400 XP

Gold Silver Bronze
Requires: Inventory
- 7 Talisman of SaarebasAmulet

+2 health regeneration rate
Bloodstream secret: Each point of wellness offers 0.25 additional mana

- If freed from the Qunari party, Saarebas will provide this to Hawke before he kills himself.

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