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InquisitionEpilogueSlide1This page details the endings to . Here are some are transcripts of the various epilogues based upon the player's choices. The epilogue in Inquisition is narrated by Claudia Black as Morrigan.

He fought to bring right back those times of secret and shadow, to improve himself as a god, and set things appropriate.

Now we have been left with a scar inside sky to remind united states of just what practically was.

It informs us that a good success against chaos was claimed, but left the world permanently changed.

Note: one of many final lines of the section (detailing the partnership between Orlais and Inquisition) always plays; but remains uncertain what determines which can be plumped for to relax and play.

Celene continues to be empress

Consider the great Empire of Orlais, where Empress Celene remains on her behalf fantastic throne.

Gaspard executed, Briala and Celene reunited
In which once war raged, there clearly was today a shaky serenity. Orlais is resurgent, the empress a patron of arts and tradition. Many attribute this recovery to her lady love, though others wonder the length of time their reunion will truly last. Gaspard executed, Briala exiled
The municipal war is ended, Gaspard is defeated, but it is said Briala however plots the woman return from exile. The empress now deals with a war in shadows, elven daggers rule the evening, and spies follow the girl every move. Gaspard lives, Briala is dead
Just how long prior to the Empress missteps and he raises ads once again? This fear hounds this lady every move. Gaspard and Briala both performed
The municipal war is concluded and purchase finally restored. The empress is unchallenged... but at what cost? Bloodstream drips from Celene's hands, and all the girl judge understand it. However, not one come in a situation to move against the lady. Gaspard and Briala both reside ("collaboration ending")
Unidentified problem (Presumed become linked with legal Approval and/or War Table businesses)
Unknown condition (assumed to be associated with Court Approval and/or War dining table functions)
Sadly, Celene quickly forgot her gratitude to the Inquisition. Icy receptions today greet the Inquisition in the Imperial Court, in which most choose that Orlais bow to nobody - not even heroes. Unidentified problem (Presumed to-be associated with Court Approval and/or War dining table functions)
Luckily for Celene, her gratitude towards the Inquisition has remained strong. Some claim she clings too firmly towards alliance - other individuals understand it's all that appears between this lady and conquer. The woman topics accept of the alliance although some claim this is the just reason she however clings to energy. Unidentified problem (Presumed to be tied to legal Approval and/or War dining table businesses)
Some resent this, phoning Celene the Inquisitor's puppet - though they cannot do this honestly. As yet not known condition (Presumed to-be linked with Court Approval and/or War dining table businesses)
The empire's ties on Inquisition continue to be powerful, both sides profiting from the ongoing relationship. The alliance fulfills with the endorsement of Celene's subjects, who view it as an essential move inside the game. Orlais prospers, and soon forgets that it could very easily have been usually.

InquisitionEpilogueSlide2Gaspard became emperor

Look at the mighty Empire of Orlais, in which Gaspard features ascended on fantastic throne.

He guides unopposed. Each noble household that rises facing him shortly knows it offers made its last blunder.

No comfort talks between Orlais and Ferelden
their victories are numerous. Power and stability tend to be restored to Orlais... for the present time. As yet not known condition (assumed is associated with legal Approval and/or War Table Operations)
Icy receptions meet with the Inquisition within the Imperial Court, in which most favor that Orlais bow to no body - not heroes. Unknown problem (Presumed is linked with legal Approval and/or War Table Operations)
Thankfully for Gaspard, his appreciation to the Inquisition features remained powerful. Some claim the emperor relies an excessive amount of on his brand new allies, but other individuals understand the truth.

Briala principles through Gaspard

The emperor chafes under her demand, but can do nothing - even as an alliance of nobles considers open rebellion.

Inquisitor is an elf with LOW Court Approval Inquisitor is an elf with HIGH Court Approval Inquisitor NOT an elf and contains LOW legal Approval however, many prefer that Orlais bow to no one - not heroes. Its just a matter of the time. Inquisitor NOT an elf and it has HIGH legal Approval They think twice only because their value for Inquisition stays powerful. So that the Empire continues to be locked within an uneasy peace-though it appears only a matter of the time.

assist the Inquisition

The gray Wardens of the south gradually reconstruct into the months following the occasions at Adamant.

They declare it time for the Order to emerge from the shadows, to become listed on the others of mankind in fighting their particular old enemies.

What becomes of Hawke/Loghain/Stroud/Alistair is as yet not known – save that every development regarding Weisshaupt shortly stops.

Does the abrupt silence suggest a struggle within... or something like that far worse?

Banished from Orlais

Those gray Wardens just who survived the struggle at Adamant ventured north into exile.

Warden ally is alive it is known that Loghain/Stroud/Alistair leads these Wardens inside their rebellion, a fight to alter your order from within. Hawke is alive

Slowly, the Wardens withdraw from throughout the north besides. Some believe the old purchase is regarding brink of vanishing forever.

Leliana appointed Divine

A month after the defeat of Corypheus, the Chantry names Leliana as successor towards the Sunburst Throne.

Because of the name Divine Victoria, she first declares a finish to the Circle of Magi; the mages will today govern themselves.

Divine Victoria is controversial from the start, a few brand-new sects occur, resisting the woman reforms and declaring the lady rule a hazard to the trust.

Leliana - Steeled She meets with their leaders, urging unity. Miraculously her words just take root, and - for the present time - the Chantry stays powerful. Leliana's private pursuit is skipped She will not fight them, and it is not long prior to the Chantry's fractures threaten to tear it apart forever.

Cassandra appointed Divine

One month following the defeat of Corypheus, the Chantry brands Cassandra as successor to your Sunburst Throne.

Given the name Divine Victoria, she straight away enacts reform: a unique Templar purchase, and a new group of Magi.

Cassandra informed to rebuild the Seekers or decide by herself Cassandra good endorsement A proclamation of help the Inquisition is granted, acknowledging its service to all the of Thedas. Cassandra bad endorsement The Chantry's relationship utilizing the Inquisition remains strained, and gets worse as months pass. Cassandra informed to give up on hunters (plus not known condition) a fresh sect arises, demanding a return to the condition quo. Negotiations rapidly break-down. It is the first-time the Chantry has actually ever announced available war against it self. Cassandra told to stop on hunters (plus unidentified condition) a brand new sect occurs, demanding a return on condition quo on risk of war. Cassandra informed to rebuild the Seekers or make the decision herself a sect occurs, demanding a return into the condition quo on danger of war.

Vivienne appointed Divine

30 days after the defeat of Corypheus, the Chantry shocks the whole world by naming Vivienne as successor to the Sunburst Throne.

Three revolts follow in quick succession, along with her reaction is instant and vicious. For months, chaos reigns.

Vivienne positive approval Vivienne damaging endorsement In the end she's victorious, but not without much bitterness and loss of life.

To the shock of numerous, she reinstates the Circle of Magi and creates a Templar purchase solidly leashed to her hand.

Mages rise rapidly when you look at the brand new Circle, having more freedom and obligation after that in the past - no matter if all true power lies with her.

Vivienne Great Approval

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