NPC Overhaul at Dragon Age 2

How to install Dragon Age 2 mods?

Version 1.4b allows you to use apostrophes & dashes in the text field.
VADDI is one of the greatest mods for DA2, along with it's update, but it does have two drawbacks:

1) It can't be easily expanded to include new user-created items without causing conflicts.
2) Like all console commands, you can't see what you're typing.

So I created W(indowed)ADDI, which calls up an input window so you can see what you're typing to search for. It's also easily expanded via standard 2DA methods.

1. Unzip into your /override folder.
2. To use, type 'runscript waddi' into the console.
3. A window will pop up with the message "Sort by Name", an input field, and "YES" and "NO" buttons.

  • Pressing the "NO" button with an empty input field will exit the script with no search performed.
  • Typing into the field and pressing the "YES" button or the enter key will cause a NAME SEARCH of items. Just like VADDI, this is processing intensive and will cause a slowdown.
  • Typing into the field and pressing the "NO" button will cause a RESOURCE SEARCH of items.
4. Just like VADDI, a container will open up with your items, indicating how many items were found and what your search phrase was.

5. You may also type 'runscript waddi install' into the console to install a quick-access button. It will add a button to the right-most open quickbar slot. It can also be accessed from the Abilities screen at the lower right, where you find the Summon Mabari skill.

***Expanding the Item List***
WADDI utilizes standard 2DA methods of adding to the item list. Adding new items requires two GDA files.

1) Create a GDA file with the prefix 'waddi_' (for ex. waddi_mymod.gda). Two columns are needed:

Filename: waddi_mymod.gda


2) As will all 2DAs, use a sufficiently unique ID number.
3) The 'List' field is the name of the GDA file that will include the item list. The list file has no naming requirements and can be named anything you wish, as long as it does not conflict with existing 2DA files & prefixes. So using 'waddimylist' is invalid, but 'mylistwaddi' is fine.
4) Create your list file mentioned in #3 above with two columns:

Filename: mylistwaddi.gda


5) The list file is not merged with any other 2DAs, and entries from different list file can have the same IDs without conflicting. However, this file MUST HAVE SEQUENTIAL IDs.
6) As an example/template, unpack the erf and see 'waddi_base.gda' and 'wbaselist.gda'.

***Included Item List***
I have included all items I currently have in my copy of the game, which includes all base game items, signature edition items, Mark of the Assassin DLC, Legacy DLC, all Item Packs I & II, and some promotional items. If there are any items missing, you can easily add them using the expansion methods outlined above.

***Source File***
The script source file is available under miscellaneous files. If you've got ideas to improve on feature and/or performance, don't hesitate to look through the code and let me know.

***Change Log***
1.4 - Bugfix: restore name search broken by v1.3
1.3 - Bugfix: can now read non-sequential ID entries in waddi_*.gda
1.2 - Bugfix: restored ability to use only console commands as opposed to quickbutton
1.1 - Performance enhancement: fixed double creation of items for name search

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