Dragon Age Quartermaster



Quartermaster (previously)

is the Inquisition's quartermaster at Haven.


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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Before joining the Inquisition, Threnn served with Loghain Mac Tir's forces at Ostagar during Fifth Blight. She has expressed a view of Loghain's purity, and feels that King Cailan over-extended their forces therefore the alert fire had been lit too-late by the Warden and Alistair. Threnn escaped along with the rest of Loghain's forces.

If Anora remains queen of Ferelden and is governing alone or alongside Alistair, Threnn will suggest that Anora took pity on her behalf considering Threnn's loyalty to Loghain, Anora's daddy, and so delivered the lady to either help or impede the Inquisition, with regards to the World State.

If Alistair was made king of Ferelden and rules alone or alongside the Warden, Threnn will suggest that he delivered this lady into Inquisition just to eradicate the girl.


Threnn serves as the quartermaster for the Inquisition and is in charge of the requisitions.

“Whatever we were before, we're now the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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During the attack of Haven, Threnn is observed fighting either Red Templar or Venatori causes. In the event that Herald doesn't help her, she will fall. If she survives, she joins all of those other Inquisition in Skyhold, though she no longer functions as the quartermaster. She will be found perambulating in a variety of locations.

If Loghain had been made a Grey Warden she'll discuss satisfying him as he involves Skyhold while the undeniable fact that he remembered her title. She reiterates that he had been "the very best commanding officer this globe has actually ever before seen."

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