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“Another hopeless heart visited drown their sorrows here, we see?”



Bella is a tavern waitress in Redcliffe Village. If a conversation is set up using the Warden, she admits that she's obtaining poor wages being groped by Lloyd, the tavern owner. The Warden could have a choice of assisting her keep her lifetime of poverty.

Note: You can just try this quest while preparing Redcliffe for fight.


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for Dragon Age: Origins.

In the event that Warden intimidates Lloyd into joining the protection of Redcliffe Village, Bella gets control the tavern, giving the Warden accessibility no-cost products (see bug below). If Lloyd life through the fight, the "bug" nonetheless works and Bella, strangely, still has control over the business, even though Lloyd is once more behind the bar.

If you try to talk to Lloyd after he has got provided you his band, he'll state "You put Bella in charge, talk to her"

After having successfully finished A Village Under Siege, the Warden can speak to Bella again. In this encounter, the Warden will give her 100 to "get regarding Redcliffe" or 500

to "begin a unique life" (if the promise to aid the girl was made before the fight). She can instead dominate the tavern if you push Lloyd to battle and he dies within the fight (the epilogue later on notes she renames the tavern The Warden's sleep). She are often persuaded to kiss a male Warden as thanks for conserving the city. The Warden could also present Bella with a way to be a maid for Bann Teagan.
  • For giving her 500: Wynne approves (+8), Alistair approves (+1) and Morrigan disapproves (-10) (successful persuasion will soften that to -3). The epilogue slideshow will remember that Bella moved to Denerim and started her own brewery).
  • If Warden suggests she be Bann Teagan's housemaid, Morrigan disapproves (-3) and Alistair approves (+1) .
  • If the Warden allows a kiss for saving the town, Leliana and/or Morrigan disapprove to your track of (-10) . Alistair approves (+1), Oghren approves (+2) and in addition mutters "Hot." The 3 militiamen will only sit and look with mouths hanging open.
  • In the event that you kiss the woman twice during conversation (since you survived the battle plus in trade for the money you give the girl), the approval with Oghren will go up by (+4) , while with a romanced Leliana, it may decrease by (-20) .
  • Alternatively, if Warden provides Bella the tavern, and picks the possibility "i did not state at no cost...", she provides 3 and agrees to pay for you more later on. This option is readily available when you yourself have intimidated Lloyd into providing you the tavern. The non-trading no-cost stock (see below) will move from Lloyd to her.

If Warden decides to abandon Redcliffe, and makes the village to fight for it self, Bella will die and come back as a revived corpse in the palace.


  • All romance-able feminine celebration users will lose approval in the event that you ask for a kiss, irrespective of your romance of those or absence thereof.
  • After the cutscene, if you have Oghren in your celebration, he will say: "Hot" and get +2 Approval.


  • "Ha-ha! you are an uncommon one, you may be, making me personally laugh with this specific blackness holding over our heads."

Whenever Shale ended up being relocated from Redcliffe to Honnleath during development, a humorous change with Bella was remaining as a slice content. This change can still be found within Bella's discussion file via the toolset.

  • Bella: "Yes? Can I-oh dear. Isn't the statue that's been standing outside for years, now?"
  • Shale: "and it's also the man that loves to lay within my shadow whenever coupling with other people of their sort. Delightful."
  • Bella: "also it talks! Does it drink ale, also?"
  • Shale: "Thankfully, no. Possibly it should serve people who need serving?"
  • Bella: "Then I will... do that. Welcome to the bar, at the very least, er... statue-man."
  • ps3xbox360With DLC installed, and after daunting Lloyd into making and joining the defense associated with the town, Bella will help you to browse Lloyd's tavern materials which help yourself to the things he's got in storage. After you receive crystals from her, keep the tavern then walk back. Bella will allow you to assist yourself to the crystals again. Obviously, you can sell these crystals but an infinite supply of silver. However, this bug, at least if overused, seems to cause a corrupted conserve file, probably because of a counter overflow in monitoring the full total few crystals offered to a merchant (PC had been patched with v1.02).
  • ps3 in order to avoid save file corruption from over use of Bella's unlimited sovereigns glitch, confine exchanging the free crystals on temporary merchant in Haven. His store is unique in that it does not record all the crystals that you sell him, nor does his store continue to be when you initiate the activities within the town. Or even be regarding safe side, you can restrian carrying this out glitch until brilliant and flawless crystals come in Bella's store (lvl 18-20) (just confirmed by one user need another to confirm). Flawless crystals readily available with lvl 16 personality.
  • If Lloyd dies within the combat at Nightfall together with Warden returns to the tavern, a male Warden can ask Bella for a kiss by selecting the "hero's welcome" dialogue option and/or in substitution for the 500 . During the cut-scene for either kiss Lloyd will show up behind the counter for some seconds before the digital camera cuts away. Once the kiss is finished Lloyd is once again gone. Any romance-able female celebration user will eventually lose approval if you accept the kiss, although they are not being romanced.

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