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Juggernaut armor Dragon Age

I done countless comparing over my time playing this game. Every time I equip some armor, I go on stats web page in the menu and go-down the line writing down every single stat. Then I compare them and mark off just who wins as to what stat. The only having the essential wins will be announced the "better" armor. From those comparissons, listed below are my choices, but please consider this number just includes huge Armor:

The "most useful Armor" in online game statistically that I've found had been the bloodstream Dragon + Bergen's Honor helm. However, it only overcome Full Blood Dragon Set by about 1-2 things if I recall, therefore I typically only use the full set. This only applies for the 360, as I understand the PC version got nerfed after the latest plot. IMO, it is also the best looking armor in the game.

It may be argued that Tier 7 Warden Commanders Armor (procured by-doing Warden's Keep at lvl 18) is the better armor in the online game. It provides great defenses, somewhat Fire Resistance, and in addition an amazing boost to stamina plus handy fatigue reduction. Since I never ever had the Dragon Bone variation, I cannot verify this as reality. I actually do maybe not deny that my variation was just somewhat inferior incomparison to Blood Dragon, therefore it could be the best set-in the video game. A helms to suit it with would-be Bergen's Honor or even the Helm of Honneleth (+2 to all the qualities).

Wade's better Dragonbone dish has many of this highest defenses inside game, but it's claim to fame is the outrageous 70per cent Fire opposition. Inside armor, the inferno spewed because of the Archdemon becomes as benign as a campfire to your character loaded with this armor. Just like Warden Commander's, with no helmet, this ready sets well with Bergen's or Honneleth's.

The Juggernaut ready provides the best overall resistances in the game, and may be better still whenever combined with add-ons that boost resistances to all or any damage kinds. It also gives increases to energy and constitution, that will be tank friendly.

The Legion of this lifeless armor is not difficult to have and it is great for a Berserker-oriented 2H Warrior like Sten or Oghren, nonetheless it are prepared equally easily to a S&S character like Allistair. The bonuses for this armor place it from contention for use on the primary character, IMO, because Blood Dragon far better total.

We never got the Effort, Dilligence, or Chevalier sets in my own very first playthrough, and so I cannot state without a doubt the way they rank.

- 7 years back

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