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Is a part quest occurring in Circle Tower throughout the cracked Circle main quest in .


Finding any of the six Apprentice's Notes will trigger the quest. Keep in mind that it is possible to start or complete the pursuit before leaving the tower, and after the cleaning is complete and.

Choosing the notes

Start the quest by finding any of the six apprentice's records. In the PC variation you are able to this easier by pressing TAB once in a while to highlight objects (such as the publications containing these notes). In the PS3 variation this can be done with the left and correct d-pad buttons. Please see Codex entry: Watchguard of the Reaching for full text of records; only the first few words of each and every note are given right here.

Apprentice Quarters (initial flooring)

  • In an Apprentice Footlocker in the center of the first dormitory before you satisfy Wynne ("No, no, no and stop asking...").
  • In an Apprentice Footlocker on south wall surface of this 2nd dormitory before you decide to meet Wynne ("I'm telling you dudes...").
  • Apprentice Note near 8 o'clock within the flooring just south for the Summoning Font ("very first Enchanter Dorval dropped all of a sudden...").

Senior Mage Quarters (the next floor)

  • In the area southeast of staircase that leads to your very first Level, in pile of publications between book instances ("Today we passed even further...").
  • In a pile of publications on the ground for the room in which blood mages tend to be ambushed by an abomination ("their silver cord transmuted black..."). Just north of this First amount staircase.

Great Hall (the next floor)

  • In the area using three statues. From second floor exit, go west in to the big common-room. The note is on lengthy table in front of the very first statue you moved. ("(Hastily scribbled) Whisper states Great Hall?").

Complete the ritual

When you yourself have the notes, go right to the third flooring of Circle Tower. Right-click from the statues into the following order. Observe that you can't follow on anywhere, there is certainly an extremely little area on the base of every statue in which you will get an inspect icon. You need to right-click if you see that symbol. Your order can be as follows:

  1. The statue keeping a bowl inside common-room
  2. The statue holding a blade pointing UP into the Common Room
  3. The statue keeping a blade pointing DOWN when you look at the Common Room
  4. The statue keeping a guard in the central area (this is basically the final room ahead of the stairs to go to the 4th flooring, in which tranquils tend to be in the beginning becoming changed into abominations)

When you look at the Computer version you're getting no confirmation for your click. In certain versions the statue areas might alter, therefore please follow this purchase: dish, top sword, bottom sword, shield statue. If you get shocked, you will need to begin over since you clicked a lot of times. In PS3 and Xbox 360 variations, you can get shocked if you have made a blunder and a burst of flame if you've done it precisely - No fire or surprise if done properly on PC. pc/ps3 You will get a quest update regarding the final click, which says "a decreased rumble indicators the bringing down of ancient defenses. Some thing is free into the cheapest amounts of the tower."

Complete the fight

Now you can go back to the first place in which you found Wynne (on the first floor, nearby the place in which Petra, Keili and Kinnon tend to be) to complete the quest. Trying to go into the cellar now can cause Shah Wyrd to spawn. He's like various other trend demons, just much stronger, becoming a Boss. One thing that tends to make this fight easier is Petra, Keili and Kinnon will strike the demon as well, and their means actually bring a punch.

If you wait after finishing the ritual, incase you sided with all the templars, there will not be any mages there that will help you combat. (Note: The AI on this really makes the fight harder on a difficulty like Nightmare mode, as the NPC mages will constantly bombard the party with fireball, killing anybody actually nearby the supervisor.)

Once the demon has actually appeared it is possible to no further stimulate stealth if you do not have all four stealth ranks. You'll, but turn on stealth mode before activating the door. The demon can look behind your character, and certainly will attack another mages until either the demon or even the mages are lifeless. The fight is very simple using mages backing you, and you ought tonot require any unique techniques to conquer it, also at a comparatively low level.

Following the combat, you can easily loot the demon the special two-handed sword Yusaris. In the event your goal will be obtain Yusaris and when attained it also unlocks Codex entry: Yusaris: The Dragonslayer, you may find it smart to conserve before actually fighting the demon, because the blade does not have a 100percent possibility of dropping (you can in fact search the demon twice, the first occasion Shah Wyrd's corpse, plus the 2nd time a pile of rags, therefore the second time he will have Yusaris).

Statue with guard.

  1. Little note: you can easily complete the tower and return later ahead of the Final Battle, and do that and Summoning Sciences.

Silverite (Level 6)
Requires: 34 strength

Harm: 16.50
Vital possibility: 2.25%
Armor penetration: 5.25
Strength modifier: 1.10
+20percent fire weight
+10 harm vs. dragons

This rock is designed with strange rings and ripples of shade, like articles of a witch's cauldron.
x3 FluorsparGem
This uncut stone could be the colour of honey.
A milky white rock of remarkable strength.
ChainmailMedium chestpiece
Changes (Level 1-7)
Needs: 14 strength

Armor: 4.25
Exhaustion: 7.00percent


  • ps3 in the event that you attempt to do this goal later on you are unable to get right up into third floor.- This is simply not a bug. You cannot access the third floor from inside associated with the senior mage quarters, instead you need to bypass to the other side of the wall surface.

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