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Antivan Camp (External Kirkwall)

A Murder of Crows is an Act 3 secondary quest in .

This quest is present if the pre-built backgrounds were chosen, or if an imported save is used which Zevran Arainai survived.


Keep in touch with Nuncio, who is located in the Red Lantern District of Hightown, outside of the Blooming Rose.

If Dalish clan is damaged during A New route this quest can be unavailable.


Nuncio requests Hawke's assistance in capturing a dangerous assassin. When requested why he's got come your way for help, he explains that this is now an issue for him, since many of their guys were killed underneath the hand of this hunted. He notes that the assassin is an elf and is searching for refuge using nearby Dalish tribe, since just Hawke has the contacts with them.



Head to Sundermount and speak to Variel, she'll direct you to a cave where the assassin is hiding.

Note: on your journey to the cave, off to some ruins regarding the remaining side, you can find bones that you can easily loot the look for Rune of Valiance, one of the best runes into the game.

Hill Cave

After a moment spider ambush, 3 master traps, and battling a varterral (no xp), you find the assassin, who's really Zevran. You can elect to take him into custody or let him get. With this conversation there is the choice to flirt with him. If you let him get, he runs off. Instead, he employs you.

Exit the Hill Cave

Antivan Camp

Whenever you arrive Nuncio assaults both you and Zevran makes it possible to battle him whether or not you grabbed or released him.


3 Elites, about 8 Normals and Critters, and all of those are Assassin kinds. How to engage all of them on Nightmare should demand the party to maneuver back and to the left resistant to the cliff wall surface while using command of a Two-Handed Warrior your self, removing the all-party highlight, and assaulting because of the Two-Hander straight away, striking as many as feasible. The moment Anders has Haste up, concentrate fire regarding Critters and Normals while commanding an archer going to Nuncio or their guards (the 3 Elites, preferably Nuncio) with a Pinning Shot. Use AoEs like Bursting Shot and Fireball, corral them with Pull of the Abyss, end them with Chain Lightning and Miasmic Flask, utilize everything you've got. The first twenty moments of the battle are very important, assuming you are have not eliminated most of the non-Elites by then, you will be reading that telltale wind-howl about 5 times, enough to kill everyone within celebration. If Nuncio along with his guards are all that is left, you should have sufficient capabilities to lock straight down two of them while moving your party to a safer range and concentrating fire regarding third. Zevran can offer some tanking, but try not to be too dependent on it. Life Ward Potions and Mythal's benefit are very of good use right here, way more than Revive/Regroup because you don't hover set up for five moments, including accessories that counter stun, knockback, and crucial hits.Variel Demon's Eye is present at Shady goods and funds stun resistance, which will be great for your Two-Hander. Sebastian may fare much better than Varric considering their Guardian Angel skill, especially with a fire-damage bow such as the Jackal's Longbow, or you may wish to bring Varric with a Rune of Fire in Bianca for higher DPS.


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for Dragon Age II.

Helping Zevran may cause him to return the favour by helping inside struggle against Meredith. Note: There are specific conditions for their look; see The Last Straw walkthrough for details.

The Sylvanwood Ring (something special for Merrill) are looted through the Thief chief as you approach the camp. Another are located in a corpse within hill Cave where in fact the assassin is hiding.

In the event that you loot the cave, you can get Boiled Leather dishes (Companion Armor update for Isabela), Righteous Rain, and Ring of the Shadow Hunter.

ZevranDAIIHawke emerges an opportunity by Zevran to fall asleep with him, irrespective of Hawke's gender. The next conditions needs to be met:

  • Zevran just isn't in a romance aided by the Warden (from the imported origin). (bugged, see below)
  • Hawke flirted with Zevran at each opportunity presented.

If Hawke just isn't with a love curiosity about the quest, Zevran's provide is acknowledged or rejected. Agreeing into the proposal will produce Sebastian: rivalry (+5) if he is present.

However, if Hawke brought the relationship lover, the companion will interrupt, avoiding it. They're their particular reactions:

Note: Isabela should never be in the celebration with this to occur.

Isabela is an unique case. She wants to be with him. If she's present, is not romanced (either full or limited), and Hawke's love companion is present, the two have their particular private time, since the others become disgusted. This yields Aveline: rivalry (+5).

If Isabela is Hawke's "other half", Hawke has actually three options:

  • Interact the enjoyment.
  • Stop the girl.
  • Keep them be.
  • Whenever initially meeting Zevran, Anders will point out him associated the Warden; in addition, Isabela may have a fair little bit to say right here.
  • This objective wont occur in the event that you import a saved online game from Dragon Age: Origins in which you killed Zevran (bugged, see below).
  • Here bug can prevent the threesome between Hawke (either male or female), Isabela and Zevran, even if you've fulfilled all requirements because of this. If you have slept with Merrill and chose the break heart alternative immediately after this, it will put Isabela (if you currently slept together with her) in a state of a "ghost" relationship. in other words. the dialogues nevertheless happen between Isabela and Hawke, although game don't acknowledge the reality that Hawke is in a romance with Isabela.
  • This goal could become offered even though you killed Zevran in Origins.
  • Introduction dialogues might trigger twice, before permitting Zevran get and after coping with the Crows.
  • Zevran's dialogue is created to vary for a romanced Warden as well as for a romanced Warden which performed the best Sacrifice (he can turn-down Hawke and/or Isabela's propositions). But Zevran's dialogue is bugged toward non-romanced state. This is fixed using mod Romance Dialogue Repair at Nexusmods coupled with Wench's DA2 Import Fixes.
  • In the event that you complete a fresh Path before conversing with Variel you will possibly not have the ability to complete this quest. The Dalish elves may strike you on picture, forcing that kill them (including Variel) and stopping you against learning where in actuality the assassin could be hiding.
  • Choosing any response other than "I'm here for the Antivan" with Variel will end the conversation, but she can still be conversed with again. This could be exploited to pile an unlimited quantity of aggressive or diplomatic reactions, and certainly will be employed to transform Hawke's personality.
  • The term "murder" within the pursuit name is a pun. One meaning is literal - the work of killing; the other is the proven fact that several crows is known as a "murder". Several Antivan Crows, just who commit murder, get excited about the pursuit.

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