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Companion Dragon Age 2

Getting a Champion is a high purchase which made possible through undying support and dedication of your dedicated companions. Within the Basics section, we currently expounded from the level associated with the game's commitment system if you may be thinking about understanding your friends, then chances are you've started to the proper place for guidance.

This part is going to drop some insight from the nine recruitable figures inside game, although just seven of these would be accessible to form your party. We examine their idiosyncrasies, look at their romances, gift ideas, their armor areas, and their particular most appropriate role in fight.

You cannot modify your friend's individual armor in Dragon Age 2. Instead, you'll find upgraded full units of armor which can be exclusive every single friend. These include available on defeated enemies or bought from certain sellers. When you discover armor, it'll be instantly prepared regarding friend.

When you acquire something special to provide to a companion, a unique pursuit appears within Journal, which typically requires likely to their particular place of "residence" once they're not into the active celebration and talking-to them.

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