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Dragon Age 2 Friendship Guide

In, Hawke's companions have actually an individual endorsement meter considering friendship and rivalry. a companion with a high friendship views Hawke a pal while large rivalry indicates the partner respects Hawke but disagrees with Hawke's views. Friends will support Hawke no matter what, but if they are Hawke's rival, there may be a little bit of stress between them.

Gifts nevertheless shape relationship and rivalry, but the amount of gifts into the online game has-been notably paid down from . Companions respond in a different way to gift ideas dependent on their friendship/rivalry score. If the player offers something special to a companion whom approves regarding the present, they might express appreciation, while a rival may perceive the gift as an insult and inform them to keep it.

Both relationship and rivalry have benefits. Bonuses along the rivalry path tend to be combat relevant while those over the friendship road tend to benefit Hawke and/or entire celebration. The goal of the system is for the gamer is constant in their decisions and drive every partner towards either relationship or rivalry.

General options

Each character features two abilities readily available, one for relationship and one for rivalry.

As a general rule, the way in which friendship and rivalry works is the fact that relationship indicates agreeing with and giving support to the follower in what they might like to do, no matter what crazy, irrational or dangerous to self and/or other individuals. Rivalry means opposing their particular huge cause, often for correct explanations. Therefore it is very possible is a better buddy to somebody by seeking the rivalry road, since you're attempting to stop them from providing into their particular self-destructive whims. It isn't constantly probably the most intuitive, but friendship will not always equal performing the "right" thing and rivalry as doing the "bad" thing. It is simply as apt to be one other way around.

Hawke's relationship with his or her friends is measured on a 200-point scale that varies from rivalry to relationship. The player is able to see a visual representation of Hawke's existing standing with his/her companions in active celebration on personality selection display screen.

The following are the overall game configurations regarding relationship and rivalry.
  • No matter whether Hawke is talking to them directly or handling a 3rd party, companions will respond to the players' conversational options prior to their own personality.
  • Completing partner quests and enhancing the relationship measure to your 50% and 100per cent thresholds either in direction will unlock unique mid-stage and final-stage friend conversations that offer to advance and formalize Hawke's commitment with his/her companions.
  • Developing the partnership gauge to 100% in either path will lock it in when this occurs, avoiding you against reducing the gauge. During this period, further commitment changes are disabled and therefore friend would be entirely specialized in working together with Hawke as either a friend or opponent.
  • At 50per cent friendship or rivalry a particular ability will unlock on expertise talent tree, special to your relevant partner (excluding Bethany or Carver, just who use the energy Mage and Templar specializations alternatively). This original capability isn't needed for various other abilities inside tree; you can freely simply take some of them you want ahead of the 50% level.

General Notes

  1. Have actually prior knowledge of the way the specific group users will react in a pursuit then tailor starting recruitment and quest order for optimum relationship and rivalry.
  2. The player must choose for celebration changing during quest lines, instead of bringing only one celebration through from start to finish.

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