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+2 dexterity
+5 attack


Among the ancient elves, there were mages which trained their particular magical arts to augment their particular martial prowess. They channeled magical power through their tools and systems, becoming terrors regarding battlefield. Most consider these skills lost forever, nevertheless they may still linger in forgotten corners of the world. Arcane warriors may figure out how to make use of their particular secret rating to satisfy the energy necessity to equip higher-level weapons and armor.

The Arcane Warriors when widely existed among the ancient Elves. However, after their autumn, the skill of the Arcane Warriors is seemingly all but lost. This really is additionally a specialization of mage course in .


In accordance with Solas, the Arcane Warriors were elven elite guardsmen serving as bodyguards or champions for old elven nobles. The formal title of these methods is Dirth'ena Enasalin, knowledge that generated victory. Mages who eschewed actual confrontation called it Ghilan'him Banal'vhen, the road leading astray. Mages who focused on spirits or the Fade might sneer at their physicality but never doubted their honor. These were the ready embodiment of might made manifest - head shaping the human body to the perfect tool.

Arcane Warrior spells

Number: Individual
Upkeep: 50
Fatigue: 50%
Cooldown: 10s
Although this mode is energetic, the arcane warrior stations secret inward, trading increased weakness for an assault extra and the capacity to make use of Spellpower to ascertain fight damage. Aura of may and Fade Shroud improve effects. Also, whether the mode is energetic, an arcane warrior who's discovered this spell might use the magic characteristic to satisfy the strength requirement to equip higher-level weapons or armor.
Requires: Level 12
The arcane warrior's prowess with Combat secret grows, giving additional incentives to attack, protection, and harm while in that mode.
Number: Private
Upkeep: 40
Weakness: 5%
Cooldown: 30s
Needs: Degree 14
The arcane warrior is in the middle of a shimmering shield of power that obstructs many damage and grants big incentives to armor and all resistances. Whenever energetic, however, the Shimmering Shield uses mana rapidly.
Needs: Degree 16
The arcane warrior today just partially exists in the actual world while Combat secret is active. Spanning the space between the real-world and the Fade funds an additional benefit to mana regeneration and a chance to stay away from attacks.


Arcane Warrior

This specialization is unlocked while doing the character regarding the Beast quest line. It really is found in the Lower Ruins of the Brecilian Ruins. Inside here, in line with the map it is in center right; remaining element of two outstretching quarters.

Inside a small chamber which appears like a ruined library, there was a cracked rock Altar. The phylactery is concealed in far right corner of the space from entrance. (It is not immediately highlighted, so for xbox360use the remaining trigger, for ps3use L2 as well as for pcuse TAB to emphasize every item in the space.)

Once you touch the phylactery you experience the thoughts of an elven arcane warrior who may have remained caught inside of the phylactery for centuries. It gives to instruct you the secrets of Arcane Warriors in return for setting its nature no-cost by placing the phylactery on an old altar. Even though the character has-been imprisoned for so long it has actually forgotten where the altar is situated, the altar is straight to the left. By obtaining the memories from phylactery, you unlock the Arcane Warrior expertise for the mage as well as 250 XP.

So that you can unlock the specialization, connect to the phylactery.

  • {Touch the gem}.
  • {Is this some kind of trapped spirit?}
  • {Is there anything I can do for you?}
  • {Yes. I will try to help you}
  • {Approach the stone altar with the gem.}
  • {Yes give me your memories}
  • {Place the artifact on the stone altar.} Alistair Approves (+2)
  • Nah. {Toss the artifact aside.}
  • Sorry, you have an use later on.
  • Mechanics and tactics

    An Arcane Warrior provides freedom to the mage together with party and allows the mage to supply most armor and weapons. Dealing down on exhaustion and mana handling allows the mage to-be played as a hybrid weapon user and armored mage. The mage can use suffered abilities to have very high degrees of defense/armor/spell weight, but at a heavy mana cost. This and large fatigue limit how many means your character may use. Observe that tiredness penalties in addition trigger potions to become less of good use. With equipment and attributes placed correctly, an Arcane Warrior can mimic a Warrior or Rogue in base harm with car attack but with mage abilities and spells. See Arcane Warrior spellcasting for an entire selection of spells that may be cast with a sword at your fingertips.

    Play types

    Play types for Arcane Warriors: Damager/Nuker, Defender/Tank, & Healer/Supporter, additional customizations tend to be called Hybrids. Many recommendations on how to play an Arcane Warrior may be daunting however it is crucial to comprehend all mage Spells. Knowing how combinations work and so what does perhaps not come together will give you an edge.


    A damager are either melee with casting or casting with a staff. If you are planning to make use of your Arcane warrior as dps, make sure you combine it with an improved suited harm dealing expertise. The upside is you can now equip your mage with of the games strongest tools for melee harm, whilst still being be able to throw the sporadic enchantment directly into soften up enemies.


    Arcane Warriors could be setup to tank have real profit put on hefty armor and control tiredness makes this caster extremely tough, at the expense of a weaker mana pool. You can use the specialization's powerful protective spells along with regular protective mage spells. By activating Shimmering Shield, Rock Armor, Combat Magic, Arcane Shield, Miasma as well as other buffs, you could make an arcane warrior tougher than just about any course into the game. Make sure you improve your Arcane Warrior's mana price with proper equipment and remember that gear with stamina regeneration buffs in addition use as mana for Arcane Warriors.


    By making use of your Arcane Warrior as a healer, you give your celebration a massive boost in survivability. In most cases you need to handle aggro very carefully with the warriors which means that your fragile healer actually instantly torn to pieces, but utilizing the heavy armor open to this specialization it is possible to provide your healer a huge buffer to harm. This means that a sneak assault by some shrieks on your mage isn't any longer a dealbreaker on harder problems.


    Hybrids are variations of play style, equipment, feature positioning and part inside celebration. It is in addition something considered whenever picking up an extra or third specialization.

    Bloodstream mage

    Blood Mage will help counterbalance the disadvantages of a minimal mana share during the price of health by allowing the Arcane Warrior to cast Bloodstream Magic spells utilizing health as mana. A reasonable number of constitution would be highly recommended using this expertise combination. The effective Blood injury spell could be acquired, which is a perfect choice for both a far more offensive Arcane Warrior and a tank attracting Threat.

    Spirit Healer

    Spirit Healer creates a combined personality with unpleasant and protective magic and great toughness. This combination works best with light and medium armor, since a decent amount of mana is needed to run the high-level recovery spells.


    Shapeshifter is reasonable little redundant overlap between your two, as they both provide exclusive choices in melee, but a leading Shapeshifter with additional Arcane Warrior may use massive armor and Bear Shape and get incredibly challenging destroy with tools. The main issue using this is that Shapeshifter in general does very poor harm due to the fact that, unlike what the tooltip for Shapeshifter claims, it generally does not in fact utilize magic to determine damage.

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