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Dragon Age Origins Arcane Warrior

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General Strategy and Tips

You can't do not be pounced on by spiders, werewolves or ogres. Consequently, increased armor rating becomes crucial to your Dragon Age Origins solo method. High armor rankings minimize most pouncing damage to 1. Also, high armor helps in almost every struggle. This requirement leads united states towards the Arcane Warrior that may wear heavy armor and cast a number of armor enhancing means. Although armor is most important, we will maybe not ignore security.

The Rock Salve and Incense of Awareness help boost armor and security additional and generally are essential items initially components of the video game. Pick up any there is within moves. Purchase the recipes in Lothering. The Rock Salve will require 2 Deep Mushrooms and a distillation agent. The Incense of Awareness you will need Lyrium, Deep Mushroom and a Distillation Agent. You'll be able to to help make these potions once you reach level 2 in Herbalism.

Hefty armor increases fatigue for triggered means (e.g. healing, fireball, etc), but NOT sustained spells. For that reason, there is a lot of concentrate on sustained spells inside method (see enchantment list below).

Sustained means may great to cast after casting a couple of activated spells (love Fireball). Since sustained means influence your optimum mana, but does not cost such a thing, you successfully have the sustained enchantment for free. However, since casting a spell takes a matter of seconds, it's advisable that you hold a couple of sustained means on on a regular basis. The greatest alternatives are - Rock Armor, Arcane Shield, Shimmering Shield and perchance Miasma. Then cast Death Syphon and/or Combat Magic in the middle of the battle if needed.

Reduced recovery potions are an affordable and fast method to replenish wellness. Later when you look at the online game, casting Heal (or other healing spells) will surely cost a lot of mana because the fatigue will likely to be large.

Two degrees of combat education is advantageous to prevent enchantment disruption and for some mana regeneration.

If you're playing Dragon Age Origins solamente, you ought to do as much side quests as possible for experience and gold.

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