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Version 2.0 happens to be introduced.

Bear in mind, with this particular version, it won't change the value of junk currently inside inventory. Kindly offer your junk, then enjoy.

If you just want a quick short-term mod to jump-up the buying price of the loot already in your inventory, you can make use of v1.2, but eliminate it again when you're done.

As of this writing, important Junk is ranked 10 inside Top 25 number.
Thank-you for your recommendations, we enjoy it. :)

One man's junk is another man's resource.

With this particular mod, store lovers no further arrive their particular noses at the treasure you bring in to them. Too long have actually they charged good silver with their recovery potions, but just offered you various copper when it comes to fruits of the labor.

Based if you prefer a little more copper or even to begin raking when you look at the gold as well as the gold, we supplied two tastes. Valuble Junk 10.erf is actually for about 10 times the value (3c things will sell for approximately 31c), and Valuble Junk 100.erf if for approximately 100 times (3c items will sell for about 3s10c). Copy the selected file into the Override folder.
Sample: C:\Users\\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override

Variation 1.1 should make this suitable for other mods. If you'ren't having compatibility issues you should not redownload, however it is therefore tiny you'll if you prefer. Additionally increases the buying price of potions that you get through the store. Taking care of finding what they are based off of. Mean time, potions bought through the table within your house together with concoction dining table in minimal Town will always be only silvers.

Variation 1.2 reduces typical potions, top end potions can be bought through the concoction tables at regular cost. Ability tomes are also nevertheless costly, and friend armor updates. These items seem to be listed centered on a multiplier of a loot price.

Version 2.0 keeps resource large without impacting potion and tome rates. It doesn't work instantly, so sell-off the old junk in your inventory.

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