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Dragon Age Origins characters list

Warriors have special abilities that can increase the amount of menace drawn.

  • Taunt provides a one-time AoE risk increase of 300 (400 with Frightening Appearance).
  • Most Activated abilities should draw extra menace from affected enemies. But this just works well with few abilities:
  • Armor cannot boost hazard beyond the little extra upon becoming sighted.


Some spells that affect opponents in an adverse means draw extra risk, as well as damage dealt. In many cases, this is simply not working precisely for all means and noted inside enchantment explanations. However, it is working properly the following means (per their particular spell information):

  • Part of Effect spells
  • Single-Target spells


Products because of the improves Hostility and Intimidation home such Ageless lack their impacts implemented properly and don't adjust hazard at all. Cadash Stompers, that have the Increases Hostility home tend to be an exception and add +5 danger per hit, though this behavior is certain for this particular item and not all products using the Increases Hostility residential property. A mod can be obtained that details several issues.

  • Non-hostile spells and all buffs try not to draw threat.


  • Stealth causes the Rogue to fade away from perception by all opponents. After a meeting processing wait, the stealthed rogue will undoubtedly be dropped from all threat tables. However, if Stealth is broken rapidly (within 1-2s, e.g. because a computerized assault since the base AI forces the Rogue to defend himself or an attack was already queued), menace just isn't dropped. If the Rogue ended up being dropped from the Stealth tables, their risk numbers will begin from scrape using Initial danger and distance-based threat numbers.
  • Feign Death works similarly to Stealth. Similar caveat applies, if Feign Death is quit too quickly, the drop through the Stealth tables (and subsequent fall of Threat) may not take place.

Observe that the threat number when it comes to Rogue might be higher than for other party people after becoming rediscovered, considering that the various other celebration users has lost some or every one of the preliminary Threat due to threat decay of 0.5 per second.

The Reduces Hostility home entirely on items such as for instance Bard's dance footwear, Dalish Promise Ring, Amulet of Accord, Magister's Cinch, Adaia's Boots is not implemented correctly and will not lower danger in any way. A mod is present to handle this issue.

Working Away

As soon as a length of 60m is achieved, opponents will lose perception for the party user. The celebration member will likely be fallen from the Threat dining table. As soon as perceived again, risk starts from scratch (preliminary Threat + distance-based threat).

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