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At one-point inside game, The Warden can buy a lengthy sword called "Oathkeeper". The sword is referred to as a blessed blade commissioned by The Chantry and provided to Templars as an incentive due to their deeds. It is often speculated that the blade is a homage to George R.R. Martin's book series "A Song of Ice and Fire", because the blade shares equivalent name as sword fond of Jaime Lannister by their parent Tywin, which Jaime later passes to Brienne of Tarth just who then names the sword. It is known your book show had been an inspiration during online game development.

After entering the Denerim Market District at least 42 times, there's the possibility that an arbitrary encounter dubbed "Zombie Kitten Army" can appear, spawning a group of 9 unmoving kitties in formation.

Regarding chart of Ferelden simply south of where you very first meet Morrigan, it shows a place called "Uncharted regions". That is a nod to Steve Valentine and Claudia Ebony, just who voice Alistair and Morrigan in Dragon Age and had been contracted to vocals Harry Flynn and Cloe Frazer into the game "Uncharted 2". Claudia also starred in program "Farscape" where they certainly were often in "Uncharted Territories".

Originally, the character Shale had been meant to be the dimensions of another golems in the game. However, the designers had trouble together with her installing through doors and initially slice the character totally. Thanks to a delay when you look at the launch routine, that they had some additional time and decided to produce an innovative new, smaller character design for Shale. This is certainly referenced into the game as she said she ended up being "carved down" by the woman past owner.

Initially meant to be a Baldur's Gate sequal, but during devopment became it really is own series totally.

Thedas, the whole world where the online game is set, generally is THE Dragon Age Setting.

Sten had been initially meant to have horns like remainder of his qunari competition, but due to graphic restrictions of times these people were eliminated. This really is later explained away as an anomaly inside the battle, making Sten appear much more intimidating to his qunari alternatives.

Features two actors who possess both additionally played the part of Mr Darcy in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice: David Rintoul in 1980 and Elliot Cowan in 2005.


The trivia product under may give away essential story things.

Discover a mention of the video game "Portal" toward the termination of Dragon Age: Origins. To get it, you'll want Sten within party. After the game, if you opt to perform the ritual with Morrigan, you'll go right to the crowning regarding the brand new king or queen. Following the discussion with Alistair it is possible to walk-around and consult your companions. Get a hold of Sten in which he will state "Where is the dessert? They guaranteed there is cake. The dessert is a lie..."

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