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Modding Dragon Age 2

Welcome to the DAI Tattoo and Blood Smear Import (+ Freckles) mod!

Unless you worry about the mod preamble and simply need to know how to install it, you'll skip right down to the "installation" area; usually, keep reading! This mod contains two main areas of function, broken-down as follows:

  1. Tattoos: This mod has actually brought in all tattoos accessible to humans (and therefore towards Hawke) in DAI. It works just like the regular tattoos from DA2, with all of the exact same color choices, and will be suitable for any mods to give additional tattoo colors or even to add other customized tattoos. This is done proper just who, anything like me, expanded much more attached with their particular Hawke's DAI tattoos rather than the only they decided on in DA2 and/or ended up being troubled because of the tattoo inconsistency involving the games. While I would personally love to do a reverse type of this and transfer the DA2 tattoos into DAI as well, I now have no experience with the DAI modding frameworks beyond what was needed to export these tattoos, and should not do it at this time. If any person does come up with a mod to import the DA2 tattoos into DAI, I will happily connect it here!
  2. Complexions: This mod has generated 14 brand new complexions for your Hawke to use. This mod is supposed to give you the capacity to utilize all blood smear choices made available from DAI. Whenever DAI supplied the bloodstream smear options for customized Hawkes in DAI, I grew extremely attached to all of them, when I was able to provide my Hawke both iconic nostrils streak and a tattoo. Because DA2 doesn't always have a different blood smear slider and there's no method in which i am aware of to include one, we created all of them as complexions so that they could possibly be combined and matched aided by the tattoos. Also, as an element of this mod, We developed two freckle options - one for a smattering of freckles only over the nostrils, and another for full-face freckles. As well as standard faces by using these freckle options, We have replicated these freckle options for all blood smears, indicating it is now possible to give your Hawke a blood smear, freckles and a tattoo all at once!

A note regarding skin textures: Due to the way I experienced to make usage of the blood smear options, every one of the blood smear and/or freckle complexions are manufactured utilising the second skin of this base skin slider (as that seemed like a natural choice that will fit all Hawkes.) I possibly could relatively effortlessly make extra complexions utilizing the bloodstream smear and freckle options to match the various other basic complexions; however, if I were to supply each option for each and every complexion, i'd need to make at the very least 75 complexions, which may be manufactured but would probably crash the skin slider. Because of this, if you're very mounted on incorporating freckles and/or a blood smear to a different complexion base for the Hawke, you are able to absolutely ask and I also'll most likely upload it for you, but I will not be supplying all options unless they're particularly requested. Similarly, this mod just offers the DAI-style bloodstream smears; if you are specifically attached to utilizing the DA2 design blood smear, there are various other mods to take action (i will suggest picking right on up the “Textures for CC” or “Textures for CC - Eyebrow Add-on” files provided right here: but to the level of my understanding none of them add freckles, if you are particularly, really attached to the DA2 design blood smear with freckles, capture me the skin you desire as a base plus the freckle kind and I'll probably upload that available.

A note with regards to permissions: we give blanket authorization to extract and modify these data and use all of them various other mods or model exports as long as you credit me personally. You may utilize them in every visuals or similar edits freely; I do not require credit for these (and probably couldn't actually end you regardless of if I wanted?) nonetheless it'd probably be good to point out it so other individuals can get the mod when they wish. (Dropping a note letting me know you're deploying it would give my vanity well and, it isn't necessary.)

Advised Complementary Mods:
Natural Skin (offers you much more skin tones, anything sorely needed because of the rather lacking range in vanilla DA2):
DA2-style Nose Smear for all Hawkes: (you are considering the “Textures for CC” or “Textures for CC - Eyebrow Add-on” files. You may well be contemplating the partner face meshes, also, but beware when you have customized Hawke siblings, as I believe it can override their complexion.)
Strong Skin Colors: (Adds more concentrated skin shades less easily washed-out by in-game illumination towards the personality creator. Very good for darker skinned Hawkes.)


If you use the Nexus Mod management: mouse click that nifty "Install with supervisor" button.
If you do not already have any kind of mods that modify your personality creator (meaning you do not already have a chargenmorphcfg.xml file in your "Override" folder), you may merely unzip this mod and copy and paste its data into your "Override" folder.
ESSENTIAL: If you do not understand where your "Override" folder is, its discovered under the same Dragon Age 2 folder that shops your individual information (here is the exact same Dragon Age 2 folder where any screenshots taken in-game should be saved). This will frequently be found in your "My Documents" or "Documents" folder, into the "Bioware" folder, and is never the main one discovered under your system Files. This will function as the case both for Macs and PCs, but if you have got wound up with an alternate filepath, try to look for your in-game screencaps folder and navigate to the "Dragon Age 2" folder. Thoughts is broken in this folder, go into "packages", then "core". There should already be a folder called "override" in right here; when there is none, and generally are certain you are in the proper location, you'll produce one. Once into the "override" folder, you are able to only paste the data there.

If you already have another mod that modifies your personality creator: very first, place the "DAI CC Imports.erf" file into your Override folder. After that discover the "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file this is certainly already in there (it might be within a nested folder; poke around). Once you have discovered it, you have two options:
1. You might use this tool - - to merge your current chargenmorphcfg.xml using the one given this mod.
2. You may open your existing chargenmorphcfg.xml file in Notepad or Notepad++ and follow these actions:
a.) Find the line that reads . Exactly in danger above it, paste here signal:

(The isn't actually needed, but can make it more straightforward to record understanding just what.)
b.) Get the line that reads. Above it, paste here signal:
(i actually do perhaps not apologize for my commentary.)
c.) Save the file. You should be all set!

As with every of my various other mods, please go ahead and contact myself if you notice any issues or have difficulties with set up, as well as when you yourself have another required skin.

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