During the fight, kill the

Dragon Age 2 Black Powder Courtesy


Blackpowder Promise

Blackpowder Promise is an Act 1 main quest in .


This quest starts after Long Way Home, because of the rescue of Javaris Tintop and his bodyguards at dead-man's Pass near Sundermount. Javaris asks Hawke to discover a band of Tal-Vashoth and acquire some information about a powder that explodes without secret or lyrium. He claims so it must certanly be lucrative for all.


As soon as Hawke departs Dead Man's Pass, the party might go to your Wounded Coast. Taking the south main roadway, Hawke is significantly startled when a Tal-Vashoth outcast (which in Act 3 features known as himself Maraas) measures out from the northward course and alerts the group one other Tal-Vashoth forward have set up an ambush for tourists. This Tal-Vashoth is disgusted with his fellows since they're not any longer orderly since obtained taken fully to attacking people.

  • Hawke with an intense personality features an unique substitute for convince the Tal-Vashoth warrior to fight with them free-of-charge inside coming boss battle. Having the warrior's help throughout the supervisor fight is most useful on harder difficulties.
  • Hawke with a diplomatic or sarcastic personality may attempt to hire him and, but he'll ignore the provide, no real matter what discussion choices are formulated.
  • One of Hawke's companions have a catch expression (e.g. Isabela "Here we go once more") regarding opponents ahead when reading the Tal-Vashoth warning before the cutscene, hence same friend will state a phrase following the cutscene.
  • If Hawke takes the northern path, s/he will run into a melee of spiders and bandits. After beating both, Hawke discovers that the bandits were after (and killed), a Grey Warden messenger. Loot the messenger's human body to find the gray Warden communications that triggers the black Epiphany part pursuit. Expect more weight from bandit reinforcements when wanting to leave. NOTE: You will need to have brought in a save from with Warden's retain in that you simply spared Avernus with this occasion to occur.

Start the slope become ambushed by four Tal-Vashoth. After finishing them, Hawke will find another half-dozen within the mountain, along side a typical upper body. Enable Hawke's party people to recoup before moving further up the hill, instigating a battle with just one more band of Tal-Vashoth. Continuing within the hill, Hawke will discover the final number of Tal-Vashoth. The moment this fight begins, four more will come up the slope behind, and several more will be from behind some bushes. There's a chest right back indeed there if it hasn't already been been entirely on a previous check out.

Given that the dirt features settled, Hawke discovers him/herself in the entrance towards Tal-Vashoth Cavern. Inside is a small area with rubble concealing a wooden staff and a door. The door slides to reveal some tips down seriously to a tiny campsite and another door. This door opens up into a medium irregular location with a number of stalagmites reducing lines of sight. The four Tal-Vashoth present never just take kindly to Hawke's arrival. Rising some stairs, some small loot are available in a crate. A door takes the party to another location area which will be vacant, many Tal-Vashoth is visible further in to the cave. Decrease the stairs and turn directly to the dead-end tunnel to locate a chest and a body to loot, but watch out for the trap. Reversing way towards remaining portion of the cave, Hawke are going to be attacked by five Tal-Vashoth quickly accompanied by four more and a Tal-Vashoth Officer.

Note: The traps listed below are all rated Simple, indicating any rogue can detect them.

Following the fight, rise some steps to find a Silverite crafting resource web site. It appears from the design that was a mine at some time before and not just a cavern. Stick to the my own adits (horizontal passages) to test for loot, but return to the entranceway to continue more in to the mine. When you look at the downward passageway, there clearly was a lyrium deposit and a chest.

Proceeding through home with this area reveals actions rising to some other door at the top. Hawke is approaching the Tal-Vashoth main human body of four soldiers and a Leader, along with several more who're concealed at first and come out to try out once the battle starts. Included in this is a Tal-Vashoth Saarebas, a dangerous mage whom should be important to be killed. Hawke will see the formula for a Combustion Grenade regarding the body of this chief.

Note: Same as before the traps here are ranked and are easily detected by a rogue.

Note: 360 Exploit - whenever going into the boss-fight space, Hawke is in a wood shanty. Added movement on "hold" and gradually creep in to the area. The fight triggers, but enemies become confused and group in a far corner. The Tal-Vashoth Leader is perfectly subjected for range attacks through shanty entrance, so place Varric and a mage(s) at straight back of room and so they can eliminate the top without taking any harm, making the rest of the fight easier.

Following fight, keep through the south door.

The quest concludes with a visit toward Arishok of this Qunari to inform him for the loss of the Tal-Vashoth rebel team. He can be found close to the Docks in the day within the Qunari ingredient. The Arishok says that Javaris misunderstood and there was no package purchasing the powder's formula. If you select “future profits”, the Arishok will direct Javaris to cover Hawke and then leave the Qunari Compound straight away. Hawke obtains up to 4 sovereigns, 400 XP, and Codex entry: The Qun upon completion associated with the conversation together with quest. Hawke also gain a spot toward the Arishok's value if this choice had been chosen.

Maraas shokra.

Note: Fenris will welcome the Qunari in their language because of the Arishok making bemused commentary concerning the elf's social knowledge. Additionally, yet another discussion choice opens up up discussing Fenris's knowledge of the situation, though this does not replace the results of the quest. And also this allows Hawke to earn a respect point from Arishok that counts towards A Worthy Rival achievement/trophy.Note: Isabela promises she's some thing she must do upon attempting to go into the element. You can easily force Isabela to keep when you look at the celebration during the conference by choosing "i quickly wont enter now" when she becomes elusive during the gate, after that rapidly opening the gate and dashing (tool attracted) into the interviewing Javaris and also the Arishok. Because is not an intended feasible outcome, there aren't any dialog options with no one acknowledges the woman presence. This can just run the console form of Dragon Age II, because there is no "activity key" for the PC variation.


Whenever speaking-to Javaris:

"I'm in in the event that coin is good."

  • Aveline: rivalry (+5)
  • Isabela: relationship (+5)

"Your plan seems somewhat poor."

  • Carver: rivalry (+5)

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