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Dragon Age Origins multiplayer mod

Replaces Skyhold Pajamas with Trespasser DLC armors.
Update: Armor/Weapon Schematics. Available at Barnabus’s store, Val Royeaux. Modified version offered by the blacksmith store in Haven and Skyhold.
Update2: Solas Armor (Solas)/Divine Armor (Cass&Viv)
Update3: Trespasser Schematics Patch 1.2 enables one to wear Solas and Divine armor (My method does not work properly with these armors, therefore through borglet whom came up with the idea.)
Update4: enables you to create Multiplayer Armors (through borglet once more for the hashes strategy)
  • You'll want Trespasser DLC when it comes to armor to exhibit up in game.
  • Appropriate for Patch 10 and greater.
  • Pick one variation to put in. (per style of armor)
  • When making use of Replacer wedding gown along with it will cause hidden human body along with your friends when you're maybe not in Skyhold or Haven. Brand new veriosn *Skyhold Replacer Wedding Dress 1.1-1.2* won't cause invisible human body along with your companions any longer.
  • Trespasser Schematics Mod: If you uninstall this schematics mod, new crafted armors eg Reaver, Legion, Keeper, Alchemist, Arcane Warrior, Solas and Divine Armor, will become invisible. Nexus/Griffon/Weapons is going to be fine (they will have their schematics within the base online game). And it surely will conflict with my Ardent Blossom Misc Store. You will need to uninstall schematics mod very first before utilizing Ardent store.
  • Trespasser Schematics Mod just isn't appropriate for any mod that removes Armor Level regulation within the base online game plus Trespasser dlc otherwise removes Armor Class regulation in Trespasser dlc.
  • Each MP Armor mod has their own Recipe mod that use the same shop. So install one Recipe mod at a time. Buy them, uninstall and then install another one.

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