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If Warden kills Flemeth

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"you have to do-nothing, the very least of most believe."

Years ago, legend says Bann Conobar took to spouse a lovely youthful woman whom harbored a secret skill for miracle: Flemeth of Highever. And a time they lived joyfully, through to the arrival of a young poet, Osen, who grabbed the woman's heart together with his verse.

They considered the Chasind tribes for help and hid from Conobar's wrath into the Wilds, until term stumbled on them that Conobar lay dying: their final desire would be to see Flemeth's face one final time.

The fans came back, but it ended up being a pitfall. Conobar killed Osen, and imprisoned Flemeth inside greatest tower of castle. In grief and trend, Flemeth worked a spell to summon a spirit into this world to wreak vengeance upon the woman husband. Vengeance, she obtained, but not as she planned. The nature took control of the girl, turning Flemeth into an abomination. A twisted, maddened creature, she slaughtered Conobar and all their males, and fled back to the Wilds.

For 100 years, Flemeth plotted, stealing guys through the Chasind to sire monstrous daughters: Horrific items that could kill a person with concern. These Korcari witches led an army of Chasind from Wilds to strike during the Alamarri tribes. They certainly were beaten because of the hero Cormac, and all sorts of the witches burned, so they really say, but nevertheless the Wilders whisper that Flemeth life on in the marsh, and she and her daughters take those men which come too-near.

Morrigan's mama stored the final gray Wardens from death near the top of the Tower of Ishal, but simply who, or what, Flemeth really is, is a mystery.

In the event that Warden eliminates Flemeth (seems only in Dragon Age: Origins): She ended up being slain at Morrigan's behest. At least evidently...

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