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Places of Power Dragon Age


Places of energy

Places of Power is a side pursuit obtainable from Mages' Collective pursuit Board at Lake Calenhad Docks. An associate of this Collective calls for anyone to discover four mystical sites of power and level all of them with his glyph making sure that he might claim their energy for himself. After beginning the quest, four Glyphs of Krebulash can look under Plot products in Warden's inventory.


The places can be found in the following places:

Note: In all cases, you can emphasize the names by pushing TAB regarding Computer plus the D pad on the xbox 360 console and PS3.

Bug! Once you trigger the first three locations of energy, therefore the Alienage is available, make certain that whenever you trigger the fourth and final mystical web site, that you do not stray also close to the beggars (supplied you have got already spoken using the first Alienage beggar and initiated the discussion), as they begin to draw you into a discussion that breaks the pursuit. The game will not recognize that you've got triggered the ultimate website, and won't permit you to take to once again.

  • 175 XP
  • The Alienage is not available until all armies have now been gathered therefore the party simply leaves for Denerim with Arl Eamon.
  • After a niche site happens to be activated, a black cloud will appear for a short while, however the log will never be updated until the last web site has-been marked.
  • After speaking to Irving about accepting Dagna in to the Circle, if you leave the area and return without submiting the woman pursuit, you might find Dagna in the first of the apprentices' rooms. In the event that you talk with the lady, your display should be blocked by the "host to energy" seat: Dagna plus celebration could have already been transported here. You simply will not have the ability to click the chair, therefore rendering it impossible to finish the pursuit.
  • Furthermore possible in order to complete the pursuit by just clicking one of many places of energy. It's done-by arranging your staff uniformly around the website and striking the pause button, then commanding all party members to click on the host to power to trigger it. After activation, the game will register that you have actually activated all places of power in this quest.
  • Many players find that activating the Alienage web site doesn't finish the quest - a black cloud appears, but no quest upgrade. If this does occur, reload and attempt the above manner of having all companions click the website.
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