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While in Ostagar, create your means over the connection into base of the Tower. To prevent flaming stones, get gradually and pause before crossing a unique part of the bridge, dashing by just after each and every influence near you; the blast radius knocks figures over for a few seconds, however they cannot do much damage (and it's impossible to go over the edge and plummet to your death). If you have Indomitable, now is a great time to stimulate it, the stun/knockdown resistance will drive back the blasts.

  • If you're of Magi Origin, the Tower Guard and Soldier will join your party.
  • If you should be of any other Origin, the Tower Guard and Circle Mage will join. However the Tower Guard wont get in on the party if you are of Human Noble Origin (and so have actually puppy currently within the party), and therefore you may simply be joined by Circle Mage.

Make your way through Tower grounds, up and counterclockwise: there are a number of genlocks and hurlocks battling several surviving troops. Eliminate enemies and loot figures, crates, plants and a locked chest on the road. All the pots are off to suitable soon after moving through gate (that has been closed the past time the Warden was here). A Hurlock alpha is situated close to the entry associated with Tower. Once the staying darkspawn are defeated, enter the tower.



Tower of Ishal - First-floor

Create your way in to the center associated with the floor. There will be a tripwire that sets off an oil pitfall that a nearby Genlock emissary will attempt setting alight with a Fireball.

  • Whether you really set off the trap or perhaps not, the emissary is scripted to throw that one Fireball during encounter.
  • If you cannot disarm the trap, you may have the ability to press past without triggering it by hugging the pillar to the right.
  • As an alternative, demand the celebration to put on and then leave all of them out-of-line of sight; then move one character off to obtain the attention associated with Darkspawn (example. with a crossbow, for long range), after which move everybody else behind address. This should offer at least one hurlock at any given time no option but goal. Only the emissary may double right back after falling because of this strategy. Additionally observe that the oil at some point dissipate, whether or not it really is set aflame.
  • For those who have it, turn on Indomitable and you will certainly be able to stroll through the grease, fireball and ensuing fire without getting knocked more than.

The emissary is supported by a few pairs of bow-wielding hurlocks distribute across the space. Make the emissary down initially as it can Heal (and regenerate Mana), then complete the hurlocks. The next spaces contain genlocks (off to the right) and hurlocks (left). The enemies using one part will often (but not constantly, or not all together) started to aid from the other part when fight begins.

The final space includes more genlocks and a stairway into the second-floor.

Second floor

Tower of Ishal - Second Floor

You will find a lot more genlocks and hurlocks on this floor, and they're going to charge since the party gets into the large semi-circular room with this amount. Happily additionally there are some ballistae close by, which may be familiar with impale melee fighters and knock down genlock archers (stay away from Friendly Fire incidents).

  • Another tactic would be to drive out one of the slim rooms next to the primary force of Darkspawn. Then, from inside that space, utilize some powerful indirect spells regarding Darkspawn (like Paralysis Explosion) prior to attacking them.

Note: in the event that you caused the opponents without opening the doorways on either part while you stepped through to the outside part of the flooring, the enemies will start the doors themselves. Ensure that you get into both spaces for containers of loot after completing the enemies down.

Third flooring

Tower of Ishal - Third Floor

Battle past the genlocks in the 1st area. Within the second space are more genlocks sustained by a Genlock alpha. Alistair will suggest using the lever to release the dogs caged in this room - the dogs will help you take down the genlocks and other enemies on this floor. You are able to loot a Warden Recruit Shield from alpha, including Warpaint for the Wolfhound from a locked Wooden Chest.

Between your Mabari cages additionally the stairs towards the Upper Floor tend to be three even more areas of darkspawn and crates (the latter tend to be consistently heavy on lower Injury Kits). It is advisable, to attract the opponents out so that the friendly puppies can join the fight. The ultimate area contains a hurlock, two genlocks, while the stairs on top flooring.

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