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When did Dragon Age come out

'Dragon Age' producer Mark Darrah recently uploaded a video on Twitter including imagery that may relate with a possible brand new online game in the team, although the video is short and will not add an explanation. ( BioWare )

Did a tweet simply reveal plans for the next Dragon Age online game?

The tweet concerned is by Dragon Age show producer Mark Darrah. The tweet's message ended up being quite unclear and just included a video clip featuring a booklet. The booklet itself is empty, nevertheless address features a wolf's directly fire above a castle.

Take note that the after contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition, especially for "The Trespasser" DLC.

In "The Trespasser, " players discovered that Solas is an ancient Elven god, Fen'Harel, also known as the Dread Wolf. At the conclusion of the overall game, he reveals that his ultimate program is always to destroy the Veil that distinguishes actuality from the Fade, which would also destroy pretty much everything.

The booklet's cover image in tweet features a wolf's head burning, maybe talking about Fen'Harel, also a palace, that could symbolize Skyhold, the Inquisitor's base of functions. That means that this tweet, clearly a tease of some kind, most likely relates to Dragon Age, but exactly how?

Oooh what's this?
Oh sorry

— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah)

Considering the success of the Dragon Age team, it is most likely the designer has actually programs on continuing the series, picking right on up aided by the story in which things left-off: with a new personality having to save the world from Fen'Harel's plans.

The most up-to-date online game inside series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, ended up being the largest launch in BioWare's history, therefore continuing it's a no-brainer for the business. For fans regarding the franchise, an innovative new Dragon Age online game won't be that a lot of a surprise, while they may possibly choose to see it at some point.

Darrah also recently requested Dragon Age followers on Twitter if they wished to play a turn-based techniques online game based on the franchise, but as to whether this tweet describes that or not is anybody's guess.

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