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Rogue Build Dragon Age Origins


+2 dexterity
+1 harm


Duelists tend to be dangerous combatants which would rather battle in light armour and strike with light, but accurate attacks. Experienced duelists have preternatural reactions that enable them to evade their opponents' awkward blows, in addition to strike with remarkable precision.

Duelist is among the specializations readily available for the rogue course in, which is targeted on face to face fight.

Number: Private
Maintenance: 30
Fatigue: 5percent
Cooldown: 5s
The Duelist targets appropriate type, getting a plus to strike as the mode is active. Keen Defense adds an additional benefit to defense whilst in this mode.

Range: Private
Activation: 25
Cooldown: 15s
Needs: Level 12

Requires: Amount 14
The duelist has an uncanny talent for not becoming there as soon as the adversary attacks, receiving an additional benefit to security.
Number: Individual
Activation: 60
Cooldown: 180s
Needs: Level 16
The duelist has discovered to hit the vitals of an enemy with pinpoint accuracy and from any perspective. For a moderate period, all successful assaults generate automated critical hits.


Duelist may be unlocked by talking to Isabela in Pearl, a brothel in Denerim. She should be persuaded, seduced or overcome in a card online game getting the woman to teach the expertise. If you should be trying to overcome this lady in a card online game, keep attempting even if you shed. Fundamentally, Leliana or Zevran will offer to help you and after that you will beat the girl.


  • It is simpler to catch Isabela infidelity through the second round associated with online game, due to the woman "running out of ale."
  • If you "take some slack" from game and return and then fail at beating the lady a second time, she'll not any longer be ready to teach the expertise.
  • Seducing Isabela and preventing Wicked Grace completely requires 75 Cunning or 3 points inside coercion skill.

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