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Elemental Requirements

Elemental Requirements is a side quest in, provided by Herren to be able to much better arm the troops of Vigil's Keep resistant to the expected darkspawn invasion. But he's lacking in materials. He has consequently asked the Warden-Commander to take into consideration steel deposits he may use to upgrade the soldiers' gear.


During your moves, look for these three products:

Iron OrePlot item
a lump of stone banded with iron.
: Forge location at Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter (to not be mistaken for natural Iron, that will be purchased from Glassric and utilized for Golem's may) Veridium OrePlot product
a swelling of rock banded with veridium.
: Underneath Vigil's Maintain Silverite OrePlot product
a lump of stone banded with silverite.
: inside Silverite Mine in Wending Wood
  • 500 XP for returning each ore to Herren.
  • 500 XP for completing this part pursuit.
  • If you do not collect the silverite ore while in the Silverite Mine during Righteous Path, you won't manage to receive the ore and complete this side pursuit - the my own is not accessed once again after completing the Righteous road.
  • pcYou can use the system to warp yourself into the Silverite Mine to get the ore. However, you have to choose to warp in Architect's Lab, perhaps not Silverite Mine, while the latter gets you to the trap area.
  • pcYou may use the console plus the AddItem mod and put the ore to your stock, after that keep in touch with Herren.
  • This will be certainly one of three side quests in Awakening that needs to be finished to earn The Enduring Vigil achievement.
  • It is possible to never be in a position to finish this quest in the event that you make an effort to turn in the pursuit and also have multiple ores within inventory. In order to avoid this, turn in each ore as you have it.
  • Vigil's troops may randomly alter armour from product to some other (e.g., silverite to metal).
  • The quest sign will show everything you've turned-in final. For instance, if you have got cleared the cellar before going to the Wending Wood and you also've turned in the veridium ore and then visited the Wending Wood and turned in the silverite ore, your pursuit log will state, "You found a deposit of Silverite Ore that Wade may use in order to make armor for the troops. Keep in search of various other metals."
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