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Lyrium Ring is a popular gift for Justice in . After ward, it becomes a ring of the identical name restricted to Justice.


Found inside an unlocked chest in Kal'Hirol - principal Hall. The upper body is found in a little area, with a Wall Carving that gives a codex entry, on right near two arguing dwarves' spirits roughly halfway from Slums "X" map marker to Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter entry marker. While venturing from main entry, for example. utilizing the online game land, it could be tricky to spot the room entry as it is partly included in a massive pillar, whilst short corridor ultimately causing the room itself is fairly narrow. The band room is the final one in slums before reentering the Commons hall.


Giving this band to Justice results in +20 approval (susceptible to diminishing comes back). It might be advisable to wait until after the discussion by which Justice asks for an item manufactured from lyrium, up to 5 additional endorsement things are attained in this way. The discussion takes place when Justice reaches at least 25 endorsement threshold. It may be seen by the proven fact that at exactly the same time he could be granted 1st degree passive story bonus.

  • Justice often mentions that lyrium sings. It could be heard as the short cutscene of showing him with this particular present. It will be the delicate, chiming noise in the background.
  • If Justice is given the Lyrium Ring ahead of the battle with the Baroness he might obtain +100 endorsement. Similar to offering Sigrun The Warrior's Heart when she very first joins the party.

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