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Dragon Age Origins Awakening Silverite Mine


Armaas is a Tal-Vashoth business doing work in the Silverite Mine. He could be blatantly self-centered, prepared to form trade contracts with anyone, also darkspawn.


If Warden-Commander ask Armaas why he works well with the darkspawn, he'll say he ended up being caught by all of them but decided to bring them products in return for silver. If you tell Armaas that he is vulnerable to getting corruption, he'll point out they own assured him security.

The Warden-Commander in addition has then the alternative of killing Armaas for working together with the darkspawn.

Armaas could be recruited to trade at Vigil's Keep, helping full Trade should Flow if Warden-Commander has talked with Mistress Woolsey and acquired the pursuit Trade Must Flow. Upon arrival at Vigil's Keep, Armaas can provide new things obtainable in the other suppliers.

Armaas in addition acts as a vendor into Warden inside Silverite Mine, if he is asked to. He is able to be persuaded (no coercion abilities needed) for a price reduction to which Armaas will agree to stating that he's perhaps not heartless.

  • Armaas is at first offering their products at 120per cent of the original price but after the discount at 105per cent which is the most affordable markup from any other vendor in Awakening.
  • Armaas may be the only vendor in Dragon Age: Origins who not get products from the Warden for 25percent of the original worth, but instead for 23%, or 20per cent after the rebate.

Discounted stock

  • "The Qun is a lie! Im a Tal-Vashoth, an outcast. My life belongs in my opinion. I actually do maybe not help darkspawn, We help myself."
  • Their vendor page names this Tal-Vashoth as Armass rather than Armaas.
  • It will be possible for him appearing at Vigil's Keep before you even check out the Silverite Mine. This doesn't affect the Trade should Flow pursuit.
  • It's also possible that should you decide to eliminate Armaas when you look at the Silverite Mine because of his addresses the darkspawn, he can nevertheless be in Vigil's Keep once you get back later on despite never ever being expected going there.

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