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Dragon Age Origins Archery


28 dexterity
Master Fight Training


Deadly with both bows and crossbows, master archers obtain additional benefits when making use of Aim, Defensive Fire, Crippling Shot, important Shot, Arrow of Slaying, fast Shot, and Shattering Shot. This talent also gets rid of the penalty to strike rate when putting on hefty armor, although huge armor nonetheless carries the punishment.

Master Archer is a rogue and warrior skill from Melee Archer tree in .


  • Deadly with both bows and crossbows, master archers receive additional benefits when making use of numerous Archery abilities.
  • Eliminates the punishment to ranged attack speed when putting on heavy chest armor, although massive upper body armor however carries the penalty. Equipping massive helms, gloves and boots wont impact ranged attack speed in just about any obvious method.
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