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I preferred DA2 to Origins, because I hated Origins. It had been an ardous 150 hour journey through a bland, brown land of trite cliches and lifeless game play. Do not phone me on this, because I don't want to explore Origins. I will record what exactly We enjoyed as well as the things I hated about DA2, and I also would you like to see if someone else agrees. I am aware plenty of you are hateful Hammer Legion people who see DA2 as rehashed system ♥♥♥♥ and Bioware whilst the worst developer of them all, but i believe not all of you will be that way.
Anyhow, ten things I hated.

1. Make the online game occur in the same places over an area of a decade. You get revisiting the same places again and again, strangely unblemished by time. It generates looking for minerals in Mass result appear to be scuba diving into a-sea of busty wenches in comparison.

2. Exactly why is Kirkwall so unsightly? If you're likely to put united states in one town, succeed a different and visually gifted town. It's only huge white walls, spikes, stores and staircases. It surely looks better than the dirty illustrations of Origins, nonetheless it lacks the wonder of someplace like Athkatla or Vizima.

3. The prologue. Oh man, was it stupid.
You wade through waves of Darkspawn in dullest area previously produced by guy or beast. Then Aveline appears, and her husband gets killed by... some thing. Apparently it is the blood of Darkspawn, but most people are covered in Dahhhhkspawn claret Clearly they should be lifeless also? Then there's a lifeless bossfight, your brother/sister gets killed (was not moving or shocking whatsoever, considering they had no personality) while the Flemeth turns up and is obviously loading cleavage.

4. Junk products. They truly are useless, end of.

5. The stupid fetch quests.
Hawke: Oh, look. I came across someone's tobacco cigarette instance. Magically, i understand whoever it really is and how to locate them!
Peasant: Oh, thank you for magically finding me personally and providing this over. Have loadsamoney in exchange.

6. The stupidity of this Templars.
I'm a Mage. I'm playing around with a Dalish Elf that is rather clearly a mage, an understood Mage criminal, and some other girl. All of us are carrying huge staves and shooting secret up in everyone's faces. Hell, we have even told you we utilized miraculous to make sure some guy isn't a Maleficar. YET YOU CONTINUE TO DON'T DO ANYTHING. Four Mages simply walked through Gallows and fought gangsters with miraculous in front side of you. Jesus dudes, replace your glasses.

7. Useless part quests with all the illusion of choice.
Hawke: Alright, therefore wewill go into this cave (that I've checked out often times) to negotiate with some mages? Coolio, let's do some negotiatin'.
Templar: remember that they're WICKED BASTBIRDS.
*several mins of lifeless combat later*
Hawke: Hey, Mages. We're here to negotiate!
Mage: ♥♥♥♥ YOU, I'M A MALEFICAR.

8. The new dialogue system.
Mass result's discussion system is braindead. All things are colour coded and constantly in a single destination, generally thereisn' ambiguity by what you are selecting. In Origins you had a method of five or six replies, some banter, some threatening, etc. So now you've only got three choices:
1. I am a goody two shoes which really loves everything.
2. I'm a stand-up comedian.

9. Endless fight. It's more different than Origins because we are not battling waves of Dahhhhkspawn, but we are still fighting waves. I'm jelly of console owners with auto-attack, because I sure got tired of mashing my buttons to get people to do anything.

10. The ending.
A cliffhanger that made no reference to activities in Origins and simply fizzled in hope of drawing in Dragon Age 3. the complete game had been simply accumulation to Dragon Age III. Some people accused ME2 of being the same, but those are idiots because ME2 left me personally feeling awesome and desiring more.

We liked it, believe it or not. The most effective things?

1. The characters.
In Origins and Awakening, We only liked a few characters.
Morrigan (because she had been difficult, and wouldn't simply follow you), the Mabari Warhound (because he did not speak), Anders (because he stated funny things) and Shale (because she has also been relatively funny)
In Dragon Age 2, i prefer most of the celebration people except the siblings. Aveline is my favourite, and is one of the better written Bioware NPCs in a number of years.

2. Hawke.
In voicing Hawke, Bioware tends to make your personality feel much more an integral part of society. The sounds add countless body weight towards choices, and speaking with characters feels more like actual discussion and not a Japanese dating sim.

3. The combat- when it works.
When you are not hacking your path through hordes of identical enemies or pushing pointy things into a huge damage sponge, the fight is actually enjoyable. It may be fast, visceral and engaging. Playing Mage could be the way to go, because you have the best capabilities and absurd DPS. Plus, your Champion armour could be the coolest.

4. The latest images.
Origins seemed dirty and dated during the time of release, as well as the grey brown of enviroments don't help this. While DA2 has you revisit the exact same enviroments over and over repeatedly, the figures and weapons look much better. The facial animation is a highlight, because's much better than Origins.

5. The new art style.
Forgiving the huge, not practical swords and thin elves that look like kids, the game has actually a good balance between stylised and practical. It looks special without having to be unapproachable.

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