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Shale with fire and nature crystalsShale loaded with character and fire crystals

As a golem, the friend Shale struggles to utilize ordinary armor and tools, as an alternative utilizing an assortment of crystals. In the event that Warden asks Shale in regards to the crystals, Shale will explain your crystals bestow the capacity to alter the movement of surrounding secret. Based on Shale, the application of these enhancement crystals had been an art applied when golems were much more commonplace.

Shale's crystals may be found in two distinct sizes: huge Crystals, which behave as armor and appear on Shale's shoulders and feet; and Small Crystals which behave as tools and appearance on Shale's fists.

The golem can choose from among 50 different crystals, present numerous places:

  • Big Clear Fire Crystal, in a secured upper body within the Korcari Wilds.
  • Random crystals are observed in:
  • 4 Merchants provide a random group of six crystals every time you go into the area:
  • Various other merchants often offer crystals obtainable.
  • Various other sources
  • Golem corpses
  • Rubble and Cracked Stones
  • Kinds and quality

    Crystals are presented in five amounts of quality (from cheapest to highest):

  • Chipped
  • Flawed
  • Evident
  • Flawless
  • Brilliant
  • There are five elemental kinds:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Natural
  • Spirit
  • In the event that you match a sizable and tiny crystal of the same elemental kind on Shale, the golem gets a collection extra of +10% towards appropriate resistance. As an example, two Brilliant Fire crystals provide 60% fire opposition (as opposed to the anticipated 50percent). This extra is suffering from a slight bug where, to see and stimulate the bonus, you need to unequip then re-equip both crystals. Note that you won't see something set bonus icon in the "Status Effects" part of the type Record, but you'll begin to see the incentives under "Resistances".

    Some crystals have effects put on them, these may only appear at certain quantities of high quality, or rise in strength due to the fact quality increases.


    Shale's crystals are some of the strongest single products in the game. Like, small, Clear, Spirit crystals can give Shale +15per cent character damage, +1 to each attribute, and +1 armor penetration. It is to pay when it comes to downside that Shale is only able to equip one tiny crystal plus one big crystal at the same time.

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