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In which may I discover Duncan's shield for Alistair?

  1. I have already checked shopping warehouse.
    terradeborah - 7 years back

Accepted Solution

  1. When you conserve the one gray Warden from Howe's estate in Denerim during landsmeet pursuit, reoric or something like that, it is possible to go through several choices and then he will point out a vault and say he can communicate with you later about any of it, after that later on after you either broke out-of prison, or killed the guards that test apprehend you, you communicate with him again during the Arl of Redcliffe's property (He's located in the same room because the arl.) and get him concerning the vault yet again, he'll provide you with the location plus the combo to it, then its in warehouse nearby the Noble tavern destination in the Market District. There's two bookcases when you look at the back, go up on one from the left and activate it and voila, the guard is within the back I think on a armor stand or perhaps in one of the dresser thingies.
    Peavy_FTW - 7 years ago 0

Various Other Answers

  1. It's in a key area I'm the warehouse. Look at the book cases in space if you've got the lock combo then it will open up for your needs.
    xxxxthatguy - 7 years back 0
  2. After you conserve the grey warden in Arl Howes property you can access the grey warden gun stache, make certain you give him the papers, found in the Arl's room which you go through on the path to the grey warden, anyways mention if they are their reports after that inquire about the vault, whenever you finish the pursuit keep in touch with him in Arl Redcliffes space in Denerim about where in fact the gun stache is then go right to the warehouse in denerim market, always talked into gray warden about any of it or else you cannot access the stache i went into this problem together with to reload! in the event that you didn't point out the reports earlier then chances are you can't get to the tools, anyways you find the shield as a gift in the stache and after that you provide to allister who converts it into a real shield i can not remember how great its however, keep in mind you will possibly not have the ability to access the stache due to the thing I pointed out previously so you could need to reload or may possibly not be able to get it if you don't, i couldnt' discover anyhow to get it without conversing with him towards papers in the Arl's estate though.

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