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Dragon Age Origins Circle of Magi


An Unlikely Scholar

Dagna really wants to join the Circle of Magi to analyze their particular history and lore, but knows that dwarves cannot utilize secret. She desires The Warden to speak on the behalf of the woman to talk to the Circle.


Dagna is an associate associated with smith caste, those dwarves responsible for generating the hands and armaments of Orzammar and working with Lyrium. At some unspecified point in the woman life, she discovered a scholarly desire for the mages of Thedas along with the rehearse of miracle despite being well aware that she could never be a mage by herself.

When The Warden encounters the girl, she's got been attempting to gain the interest associated with Circle Tower for a number of many years but with no success. She actually is well aware that leaving Orzammar means forsaking all statements to family members and caste and seems to have no reservations about doing this if given the chance.

As a kind of payment for studying amongst the mages, she offers all that she has discovered of using lyrium from Smith Caste.


  • Whenever Dagna first tends to make the girl request, The Warden can agree to assist this lady or decline.
  • Agreeing to simply take the woman demand into circle will net (+2) from Wynne and (+1) from Leliana.
  • Dagna's parent, Janar, operates a shop in Orzammar Commons. If talked to before Dagna has actually kept the Circle, he can ask that Warden doesn't involved while he wants his girl in which to stay Orzammar. The Warden can agree with their views and return to Dagna informing the lady that she should stay with the woman dad. Dagna are displeased in addition to pursuit will end.
  • As an alternative, go the Circle Tower. If it has not recently been done, it is required to complete the cracked Circle pursuit before broaching the subject of Dagna learning indeed there.
  • Based upon the choices The Warden tends to make, Dagna will or will be unable to review during the Circle of Magi.
  • If The Warden Sided using Templars - Knight-Commander Greagoir will react she cannot study during the Tower. Additionally, it is possible to skip asking Greagoir for permission and simply inform Dagna that the Circle had been destroyed. Whereby Dagna can certainly make her own solution to the tower.
  • If nevertheless the Warden Sided using Mages - First Enchanter Irving are going to be open to the theory that she can learn in the Tower.
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