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Dragon Age Origins Drake Scale armor

Drake Scale Armor

Master Wade in Denerim's Market District can make amazing drake scale armor if you give him enough drake scales. He appears favorably eager to do this.


The drake machines are located on drakes within the Mountainside Caverns throughout the quest for the Urn of Sacred Ashes. Slaying six drakes will produce six scales on their corpses. These could then be brought to Wade, at their shop Wade's Emporium, for some incentives.

When talking to Wade you will end up given the substitute for pay Wade for their service. In the event that you choose never to, you won't affect the top-notch the drakeskin armor, nevertheless it will affect the quality of the dragonscale armor if you opt to have Wade get this for you personally later.

There are options to spend him extra: 10 to "make it great" (if this is 1st commissioned piece), and 20 (in case it is the second) in order to make it perfect. If you paid the excess sovereigns for a commissioned Drakeskin piece (first or second), when you give Wade the Dragon Scale he'll manage to create the exceptional Dragon Scale Armor. If you never ever pay extra, you will definitely only have the regular form of the Dragon Scale Armor.

Optimum purchase

In conclusion, the optimum order will be follow this series:

  1. Provide him three Drake Scales and pay 10 to have Wade's Drakeskin Armor
  2. Hand over the Dragon Scale. This grants either you Wade's better Dragonskin Armor, Wade's better Heavy Dragonscale Armor, or Wade's better Dragonbone Plate Armor, depending on choice.
  3. Lastly, current three more Drake Scales getting Wade's better Drakeskin Armor (store closes).

Wade's Drakeskin armor ready
Drakeskin (Level 7)

Armor: 12.75
Tiredness: 4.02per cent (prior to ready extra)
+35% fire weight
Set: -10per cent tiredness

and 5 XP Wade's Superior Drakeskin armor ready
Drakeskin (Tier 7)

Armor: 12.75
Fatigue: 4.02%
+4 dexterity
+70% fire opposition
Set: -10percent tiredness
Set: +5 defense

and 15 XP

  • You will get the Drakeskin Armor, use its fire opposition home to assist conquer the High dragon.
  • Herren will shut the store when the 2nd Drake Scale Armor is being commissioned.
  • Make sure and then payment Wade's Superior Drakeskin armor set after beating two of the storyline quests, as Wade's Emporium may have new stock, that you simply would otherwise miss out.
  • Spending extra for both sets of Drakeskin Armor won't stop Herren from closing the store.
  • You'll be able to end up getting more drake scales than are required for this pursuit. They provide no more function and will be offered.
  • pcSometimes the final three drake scales will likely not drop before first three were turned-in, this calls for the player go back to Denerim before killing the final three drakes.
  • pcIf you may well ask Wade towards cost of making the very first match of armor (after presenting the Drake Scales to him), Herren will always reference the Warden as a male.
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