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Party Camp

Map of Camp

The celebration Camp is a location where in actuality the Warden rests and coordinates future adventures. The camp becomes readily available following the Warden departs Flemeth's Hut following the Battle of Ostagar. The camp is situated in the most notable correct corner around the globe map.


The Party Camp is a night environment and appears to be situated amongst various forested mountains, with one unobstructed entrance. Alistair, Leliana and Zevran is available standing round the big fire within the south end regarding the camp. Wynne and Oghren remain next to the nearby tents. Bodahn Feddic and Sandal stand next to their caravan more north, and Shale are present standing near all of them. Sten appears a bit north of Alistair nearby the center for the camp, and Morrigan stands close to her own fire and protection at the far northeast end associated with the camp. Puppy, at the same time, guards the entry into the camp.

As the game progresses additional people may get in on the camp, including associates of this Warden's allies who can sit east for the tents beside the Allied provide Crates. Levi Dryden will briefly find himself nearby the entrance toward camp, but will leave following the Warden completes the Warden's maintain DLC.


“We have your pet dog and Alistair remains the dumbest one in the celebration.” — Morrigan
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Archdemon in an eyesight

After finishing four of the five main questlines, the Warden and Alistair may have a dream of the Archdemon. Consequently, a team of shrieks will strike your camp. However haven't any celebration to command, all companions will join the fray to battle the intruders. In the event that Warden is a Dalish elf, they will discover the fate of Tamlen.

Note: If your party was holding position as you joined camp, they hold position when you look at the struggle besides while won't be capable change it out through the ambush.

Note: Any party users that get covered in blood throughout the battle will also appear covered in bloodstream whenever gathering your party.

Note: This event happens in a form of the camp that doesn't add Bodahn Feddic, Sandal, and/or friend emissaries. The Allied Supply Crates will appear near to the camp entry, but may not be interacted with. The camp will return to its normal configuration when the Warden leaves the camp and re-enters.


Penetrating (or being in) camp features a few results:

  • Companions will discuss personal, also personal, matters. Many talks are merely offered by the camp. If Warden is in a romance with any party member, a romantic encounter might initiated - or a romance broken off - in camp. Reaching puppy periodically causes entertaining discussion sequences concerning party members getting together with (or whining to Warden about) Dog.
  • Your energetic celebration is taken away; trying to leave the camp will prompt you to definitely develop a party.
  • The equipment and standing of all available party people is accessible through the stock display, in much the same that equipment and status of your energetic celebration comes in normal gameplay, except you are no more restricted to energetic members.
  • You simply can't have of your companions make use of a capability, or art or use items.

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