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The Dwarf Commoner Origin pursuit, see Captured.

Whilst you are able to prevent the Captured! quest altogether, it offers to be able to understand Warden and their companions in a number of amusing situations. This pursuit begins if the Warden features either surrendered to, or been beaten by, Ser Cauthrien inside Arl of Denerim's Estate at the conclusion of the Rescue the Queen pursuit. The Warden (and Alistair, if he had been within the celebration during the capture) tend to be taken to a cell in Fort Drakon.

The Warden has actually two choices: either to escape on their own, or wait to-be rescued by their particular friends. Any two friends (aside from Shale) with high sufficient approval could be plumped for to aim a rescue.

Walkthrough .

Riordan will today also be in Arl Eamon's room - if you discovered the gray Warden papers through the Rescue the Queen quest, you can ask him towards precise location of the gray Warden cache and open a key area when you look at the Warehouse in Denerim Market District.

You are going to earn about 1000 XP should you want to battle the right path on an outing 300 XP for bluffing.

  • Just like the Awakening Silverite Mine bug, you might be struggling to retrieve your formerly prepared gear if you should be using pieces through the DLC. Before becoming grabbed, unequip any gear, for the entire party. So long as it is in your stock rather than prepared, it must be within the upper body outside your cell. Note:pc you may possibly drop all your Warden's equipped gear, not only DLC pieces.
  • xbox360ps3pc as a result of frozen position glitch, it is possible when the player and Alistair are arrested and delivered to Fort Drakon, the player will become frozen in place in the event that choice is perfect for a relief. This may allow it to be very difficult or impractical to carry on the pursuit from that point. As a workaround, near the doorway in the cellular and open up it once again. It should trigger the cutscene.
  • This bug can be caused by picking the lock regarding the Warden's cellular door rather than with the key fallen because of the prison shield. In the event that you selected the lock, take to saying the situation, but grab the shield's key initially and change to a character who's perhaps not a thief. This time, opening the entranceway should trigger the cutscene.
  • pc whenever choosing to companion Sten and Wynne, while they have been in the waiting space the cutscene will become if Sten is speaking-to Oghren (and Wynne will never be noticeable the trade).
  • Selecting Morrigan once the first party user and Oghren or Leliana since the 2nd and having control of Oghren/Leliana when causing the ballista space cutscene can lead to Oghren/Leliana not-being noticeable during discussion.
  • xbox360 A glitch was seen where obtaining items during the quest while your overall equipment is apprehended; resulting in you having over your backpack could hold; losing all of your old stock upon exiting Fort Drakon. This excludes your previously prepared weapons, armor, and add-ons.
  • ps3 whenever choosing to companion Leliana and Wynne, strength requirements of equipment become secret, and Wynne is designed with hefty and massive armor.
  • xbox360pcps3 No matter if Alistair is certainly not grabbed using the player, the Warden are frozen in place if Zevran picks the lock to his mobile.
  • xbox360 Retrieving your equipment through the upper body while shapshifted may cause that be caught as anything you were. This is fixed whenever you wear guard uniforms within the armory.
  • pc Sometimes when you yourself have Wynne, Sten, or Alistair partnered with Zevran or Morrigan, and are waiting within the waiting area aided by the very first pair of guards, the first three will be seemingly speaking with themselves whenever directing their particular dialogue at a hidden Zevran or Morrigan.
  • Sometimes when you select Oghren and Sten, Sten's noble clothes just appears as a white blob; when you equip other gear on him, however, it appears typical.
  • xbox360 If you are carrying it out with Leliana or Zevran you then find the cellular home, the cutscene may well not occur.
  • ps3xbox360 If swapping your weapon set before looting the upper body with your gear, it might happen you only keep one of your tools. It could be feasible in order to prevent this by swapping back before looting the chest.
  • computer in the event that you retrieve your gear within the chest FOLLOWING disguising yourself as a shield, you'll not get back the equipment you had been putting on before becoming grabbed. (This applies to Alistair also.)

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