In Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age Origins Golem Puzzle


18.70 (PC) / 17.00 (Console)


+3 strength
+2.5 armor penetration
+8 assault


The stoic blacksmith, Mikhael Dryden, crafted this peerless gun from a metal that fell through the heavens. The entire world has possibly never seen its want, or ever before will once again.

Starfang is a unique untiered weapon that will require the DLC.


Acquired by taking the Meteor steel Ore found during Crater arbitrary world map encounter to Mikhael Dryden in Soldier's Peak after conclusion associated with Soldier's Peak pursuit. When you speak with Mikhael because of the meteor ore within stock, you are able to ask him if they can forge a weapon available out of it. He offers you a choice between making you a longsword or a greatsword. Select carefully, as there is only sufficient ore for just one tool.


Starfang is a very effective gun, with great harm, stats, and three rune slots enabling numerous possible bonuses. Once you have the ore, you'll check-out Soldier's Peak and have the weapon forged for totally free, possibly providing you with a very strong extra early in the video game.

  • You will discover the ore even though you would not have Soldier's Peak setup.
  • That will likely not import to .
  • pc 1.04: Starfang will grade down from Starmetal (Tier 8) to Dragonbone (level 7) if it's sold to specific vendors.
  • Starfang in its greatsword variation was held by Hawke in a promotional picture for the Ser Isaac's Armor DLC for, though the tool doesn't come in the video game. A weapon with the same model, The Ream-Ward, does make an appearance within the game, although it is unobtainable.
  • Starfang's greatsword variation has actually a similar look to a normal greatsword.
  • Strangely enough, the Meteor Metal Ore required to create this gun is found in a cutscene referencing the origin story of Superman, although blade does not have any such sources. But the Meteor Sword (and this can be bought) continues the Superman references.

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