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an infectious hex inflicts penalties to cool resistance, electrical energy resistance, fire weight, nature weight, and spirit resistance regarding the target and all sorts of other enemies close by.

Affliction Hex is a mage spell through the Entropy tree in .


  • Range: 25m.
  • Conjuration time: 1s.
  • Activation base is within Mana and values differ with tiredness%.
  • Arcane Warrior Spellcasting: The enchantment calls for becoming cast along with your weapon(s) sheathed.
  • Stacks with itself, if cast on various goals.
  • Targets may be debuffed to bad resistance values (the difficult limit is -100%). E.g., at -50% resistance the destruction are 1.5x; at -100per cent the destruction will undoubtedly be 2x, this means that to attain a complete resistance debuff, making use of just this enchantment, requires 400 spellpower minimal, something that is probable unachievable in Awakening, making Vulnerability Hex (which simply requires 234 minimal spellpower) a better selection for rapidly reaching the hard limit.
  • The information is misleading, the hex is not infectious. The enchantment creates an aura regarding the target that applies the debuff in the 10m radius. This aura vanishes as soon as the target dies.
  • Currently active harm as time passes effects from means like Walking Bomb or Crushing Prison aren't impacted, the Hex should be cast before.
  • There's two spell opposition inspections against Affliction Hex. One is with debuff on direct target and another has been "contagious" effect. You are able that regardless of the hex shown, the direct target however gets normal elemental damage.

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