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To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief is an optional Act 2 primary pursuit in . It's just readily available if Isabela ended up being recruited during Act 1.


This becomes available at in conclusion of Following the Qun. Return to the Hawke home in Hightown to find Isabela and Aveline arguing, both in need of help. Hawke must select who to aid very first.

Note: If Hawke does not elect to assist Isabela very first, she will keep the celebration completely.


Head to Lowtown at night with Isabela within the party discover Wall-Eyed Sam. Things start to warm with a fight against a Sten and a few Qunari. A cutscene shows that relic Isabela had taken ended up being a tome authored by Ashkaari Koslun, the creator of Qun. The Qunari have already been unable to leave Kirkwall without relic. At the end of this conversation, Hawke chooses between helping Isabela, gives:

Or returning the relic to your Qunari, which gives:

Note: if you go directly to the door before triggering the fight, you will definitely miss towards the cutscene, and be invest another area without doing the fight at all.

Go into the deep Foundry for a fight with Tevinter Mages many Qunari led by a Sten. Isabela works away at the start of the struggle to chase Wall-Eyed Sam, leaving Hawke and two other celebration users to plow through the opponents. You can easily both keep length through to the Qunari and/or Tevinter Mages have actually killed one another or make haste to destroy them your self (500 exp). Into the room into the north-west, you will find Lambswool Insoles in a crate - an armor update for Isabela.

Note: The saw blade shut down switches are Master level, meaning they might require 40 cunning to detect (or perhaps the comparable making use of bonus to disarm traps items). No XP is received for pulling the levers. There's two in total, one through each door on the long solitary room into north-east for the area. They are not important, you can easily avoid them easily.

Isabela's page includes an apology and says that she actually is making, either since you promised the woman the relic (if you performed) or because it would require a "better heart" than hers to go back the relic towards Qunari (if you demanded she return it).

  • 1000 XP (quest completion)
  • Several common Qunari-related weapons, accessories, or armor
  • Non-generic benefits:
Gauntlets associated with AshaadMedium gloves
Requires: 21 dexterity
14 cunning

Armor: 28
+1percent crucial opportunity
+1 mana/stamina regeneration rate

Lambswool InsolesCompanion armor upgrade

+2% important possibility

(Isabela's armor improvement)
  • While Isabela is explaining the relic she mentions among the choices as "Cousland", the family members name of the man noble gray Warden in .
  • Discover the possibility that Hawke wont need fight the Sten along with his Qunari whatsoever. Only move right towards the foundry entry and click onto it. Hawke is brought to a cutscene without having to combat.

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