Item dup cheat dragon age

Dragon Age Origins Item Duplication

This guide will show you the simplest way to create a custom item and include it towards stock through a system command runscript aa_give_item.

You will find individuals who say that using the default 'singleplayer' module is an origin for future issues therefore we'll use our own module.

Things needed

1. Dragon age origins game. 3. Dragon age origins Toolset. 4. Ability to follow instructions.

Creating a unique component

1. open up the toolset and then click on File -> handle Modules. 2. Click brand new. 3. Enter 'my_module' in Name and UID industries, overlook the rest. Simply click OK. 4. Double-click 'my_module' that has been added to the list.

Producing a product

1. regarding palette window choose products (the blade icon). 2. Choose an item under worldwide. 3. Appropriate click the product and choose Duplicate. 4. A window will popup, ignore all industries except resource name. 5. Name your product when you look at the resource title field (only letters, figures and '_'). 6. In the primary loss you will notice your item, modify it to your liking. Editing them's extra results is within 'Item properties'. 7. as soon as done: click Tools -> save your self. 8. look above at tab's title, it should be custom_resource_name.uti (along with your selected title). 9. Right select it once more and choose Export -> Export without dependent sources.

Creating a script to summon your product

1. select File -> brand-new -> Script. 2. a screen will popup, ignore all industries except resource title. 3. Enter a custom name, aa_give_item (just letters, figures and '_'), click Ok. 4. Copy listed here to your blank script screen:

void main { CreateItemOnObject(R"Item file.uti", OBJECT_SELF, 1,, TRUE); } 5. exchange Item file.uti with your custom_resource_name.uti (the title in your item's tab). 6. Click File -> save your self (conserving immediately compiles the script).

Note: If you make multiple item it is possible to duplicate the script line for each product along with it's file name. No significance of a script for almost any item.

Last Methods

1. Goto folder: [My Documents]\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\my_module\core\override\toolsetexport\. 2. choose the custom_resource_name.uti file. 3. Goto folder: [My Documents]\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\my_module\module\override\toolsetexport\. 4. seek out two files called aa_give_item, of types nss and ncs. 5. Move the uti and ncs to [My Documents]\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\. 6. erase the nss file. 7. Load a saved game and enter a console demand runscript aa_give_item (guidelines on accessing console).

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