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Dragon Age Origins Killing Flemeth

The Way I Overcome Flemeth:

Okay, she is tough. We realize this... but there is a large thing that will help... the fire resistant gear the armorer in Denerim makes for you with Drake/Dragon scales.

The celebration structure we utilized was Shale (with fire resist crystals equipped, big Brilliant Fire amazingly for protection and Small Brilliant Ice amazingly for a gun), myself (warrior in Dragon Scale Plate), Leliana (fire resistant Drakescale Leather) and Wynne (with some fire resist products and kept the lady at are the main battle). Have Leliana hold Song of Courage up, Shale tanks with Stoneheart, therefore stay to the side of the dragon and offer harm.

With Wynne tossing the heals around and keeping off range of the stuns and knockdowns plus fire resist equipment taking the brunt of her AOE, it's not too hard to eliminate the girl. If you're reasonable on degree, you are able to establish your character's gambits to assist Wynne with heals. A favorite of mine is personal: Health =< 50% - Use wellness (or better) Poultice.

We beat the lady with my celebration's average amount becoming 15 with these strategies. Hope they help you out.


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