How To: Free the demon kitty

Dragon Age Origins Kitty Puzzle


Kitty is a desire demon in a type of a pet found in the laboratory area of Wilhelm's Cellar.


Kitty ended up being summoned decades ago by the mage Wilhelm and imprisoned in the laboratory. Wilhelm intended to study and interrogate the demon in order to figure out and produce a defense against ownership for mages. Regrettably, before Wilhelm could discount her to the Fade he had been killed by Shale. This act left Kitty trapped behind Wilhelm's magical defenses, until Wilhelm's granddaughter discovered her whenever escaping the darkspawn raid on her village.


“We have your dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one out of the celebration.” — Morrigan
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Matthias won't give you the correct code to reactivate the golem before you conserve their daughter. He'd as you to ensure the safety of their young child and claims the code on the return. He alerts you that various other guys happen sent right down to try and get the lady, but have already been killed by his father's traps. When you eventually locate Amalia you'll see the girl with 'Kitty', a demon assuming the form of a cat, who has got charmed the young woman so that they can have the lady last but not least leave the jail Wilhelm created for the lady. Kitty will practice a conversation with the Warden in order to secure her directly to keep the cellar but she requires the Warden's assist to disengage the barrier, as only a mortal can unlock it and Amalia is not able to figure it.


There are numerous ways to handle Kitty. Refusing to negotiate aided by the demon will cause her to straight away have Amalia and battle you. You can steer clear of the problem by leaving and persuading Matthias that Amalia is beyond assistance. Permitting the demon to possess Amalia will stay away from a fight and "Amalia" will return to her father pretending to be secure. You can compromise and consent to free Kitty without letting the girl simply take Amalia, you can also pretend to greatly help Kitty but lie convincingly for the opportunity to save yourself Amalia.

Any plan of action besides battling the demon straight away or making will demand solving the puzzle in space. You will observe there is a large square behind Kitty with a number of smaller movable squares around. When you initially begin, you will notice two little squares coming off the big one, one on the upper left part, which will be unstoppable, and something on the base correct place. The squares within the puzzle have arrows that determine which path the fire goes. Move the squares so the fire achieves the square regarding the bottom right spot.

Following this is performed Kitty will state she can think the barrier was raised and you'll carry on your conversation from previous. If you lied about releasing Kitty or decided to free Kitty without using the girl then you can certainly will not allow Amalia to-be possessed, whereby Amalia will hightail it additionally the demon will attack you. If for example the offer was real then demon will have Amalia and go back to her daddy to wait patiently for you personally.

Nevertheless resolve the specific situation you will definitely receive the incantation to stimulate Shale. You will also receive money and other things based on your selection of option.

Cord of Shattered DreamsBelt
Interwoven with burnished brass cable, this stiff cord is supposed to encircle the waist like a buckle.

+3 determination
+10 emotional opposition

– drop off/bribe from Kitty
Helm of HonnleathHeavy helmet
Grey Iron (Tier 2)
Needs: 20 energy

Armor: 1.50
Fatigue: 2.36%
+2 to all the characteristics
+3 armor

– fall off Kitty
Wilhelm's Magus StaffStaff
Gray Iron (Level 2)
Requires: 18 miracle

Damage: 4.40 (Bodily)
Armor penetration: 23.00
+3 determination
+25per cent fire resistance
+10per cent fire harm
+10% electricity damage

– bribe from Kitty

  • "absolutely nothing you say will convince Amalia to choose you. She really loves just me now. I'm her friend when you are only a stranger."

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