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Meteor Steel Ore

Meteor steel Ore can be found in a crater during an arbitrary encounter (which presents a mention of the tale of Superman, who had been in addition found in a meteor crater by a human few) while traveling on the roads between places on chart. After a short scene, get and collect the ore from the stone in the exact middle of the crater. When you have the DLC you are able to use the ore to Mikhael Dryden in Soldier's Peak after doing the Soldier's Peak quest.

Starfang (longsword)Longsword
Starmetal (Tier 8 [Informal])
Needs: 31 energy

Damage: 11.90
Important opportunity: 3.40%
Armor penetration: 4.20
Energy modifier: 1.00
+3 dexterity
+3 harm
+2.5 armor penetration

or Starfang (greatsword)Greatsword
Starmetal (Tier 8 [Informal])
Needs: 38 power

Damage: 18.70 (PC) / 17.00 (System)
Important possibility: 2.55percent
Armor penetration: 6.30
Power modifier: 1.10
+3 strength
+2.5 armor penetration
+8 assault

The occasion can be triggered randomly on any roadway, visiting and from any location readily available. There is no particular roadway or area, though it may seem to take place in the same location in the event that you load an old salvage. However some players unearthed that it happens consistently if you travel between Honnleath and Flemeth's Hut.

  • This occasion references the origin of Superman; a ship crashes into earth from area, holding a baby who's after that raised because of the farmers whom look for him. Furthermore, the farmer mentions his spouse's name, Marta, in that scene plus the conversation history, he could be listed as Jon (Superman's real human moms and dads tend to be Jonathan and Martha Kent).
  • Strangely sufficient, the Ore is employed to acquire Starfang, nevertheless the Meteor Sword greatsword features an information that additional sources the Superman source tale, saying to-be forged from "the past remnants of some other globe" and therefore holding it generates the wielder feel "super".

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