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Dragon Age Origins Orzammar Quest


A Missing Nug

a Lost Nug is a side quest in .


This quest can be had from Nug Wrangler Boermor in Orzammar Commons.


Boermor requires the Warden to simply help him by finding some lost nugs. Many of the tiny, red animals await in Orzammar. The nugs could be heard squeaking when they're close by, making them better to get a hold of. Nug places tend to be the following, going from kept to close to the Orzammar Commons map

  1. North of Nug Wrangler, to the left.
  2. Hiding the alleyway past Janar Armorers, next to Filda (Ruck's mom).

Grab the nugs and take them back once again to Nug Wrangler Boermor for a reward. The pursuit stops after retrieving one nug, but much more are gathered for additional silver.

  • 12 and 25 XP are rewarded every time the Warden comes back a nug.

Bug! ps3 this may perhaps not cumulate: if the Warden turns in numerous nugs, just 12 will undoubtedly be obtained.

Nug Wrangler Boermor allows one nug per mouse click. If Warden discovers even more nugs rooting about in their pack, keep in touch with Boermor once again until he takes all of them. He'll state "Atrast Vala, my nug-wrangling buddy" when the Warden does not have any more nugs left. If the Warden hasn't caught every one of the nugs, Boermor will inform the Warden that there are much more nowadays.

The Prima Guide says that a great reward is available for gathering all 10 nugs. However, you will find just 5 collectible nugs inside game. If yet another 5 nugs tend to be obtained through cheats and handed in, Boermor exclaims "Is there a nug kept throughout of Thedas? Do not think therefore. You are impressive!" but no extra incentive is gotten. It's impossible to wrangle nugs outside Orzammar Commons; none of the following nugs could be grabbed with this pursuit:

You are able to collect Leliana's Nug and present it to Boermor. Simply provide to the lady inside Orzammar Commons and she's going to take it and set it on to the floor. You may then choose it and give it to Boermor. This does not work if the Nug is provided to her in camp given that Nug is not acquired at this time.

  • Whenever you give Boermor initial nug the pursuit may be marked as finished even when you can get back the 4 other nugs for similar reward.
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