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Note to XP opportunists and the malicious: the town's defenders is slain by repeated applications of AOE means (Shock, Fireball, Blizzard, etc.) and these types of deaths obviously yield XP. additionally, if Owen was convinced doing the militia's repair works, every dropped militiaman will drop a complete Studded Leather Armor Set. You can easily earn around 18 if done reasonably late/at an extremely advanced level.

Note: remember that the XP gained from loss of fellow defenders may possibly not be equal to the excess XP and special item benefits for keeping everyone live. See the following.

Approach: Maintaining Everyone Alive

Inspite of the daunting nature of task, maintaining everybody live through the night has its own advantages. If handled well, this is often an easy struggle, despite difficulty. The next strategy ended up being written from the point of view of an amount 10 party on Nightmare difficulty:


The only way to cure the NPCs on consoles is by using health-regenerating aura effects, specifically from Cleansing Aura (which requires the user becoming amount 14 to access). Heal and Group Heal cannot be used to tarhave NPC allies, however they can still recover health if the enemy is eliminated quickly enough to trigger a "drop out of combat, " which leads to a small reprieve to recover health and even save the game while waiting for the next force to advance.

On PC, but can be done to throw single-target spells on militia, so maintaining all of them alive is far easier with the use of Heal and Regeneration, along with Cleansing Aura and any spell that will enhance their possibilities, such Heroic Offense and power Field. Group Heal nonetheless just pertains to the active celebration, however, therefore it can't be used to heal NPC's. In a-pinch, Lifeward could make the difference between an NPC living or dying if the sleep of recovery spells be recharging.

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