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The smoothness is fast enough to pilfer tiny products from other people, whether friendly or dangerous, so long as they may not be also aware.

Taking gives a personality the ability to 'pick the pockets' on most NPCs in and some of who yield excellent results. But there might be to unsuccessful attempts.


Stealing is improved by extra ranks, raising the character's Cunning, and attempting while Stealthed.

Ahead of online game variation 1.04, it absolutely was possible to designate Stealing as an action through particular overcome Tactics designs which was just viable for a personality with Master Stealing. This functionality ended up being eliminated (without documentation) in the 1.04 area.

Notable thefts

1 of 2 'mission paths' in Crime Wave is unavailable if The Warden doesn't have ranks in Stealing. In the event that Warden is certainly not a rogue or does have any ranks in Stealing then whole criminal activity Wave quest is unavailable. The relevant file is skill_stealing.nss (which can be read/adjusted using the Toolset). Most characters can be stolen from only once, but some multiple times, if they either relocate or remain in an area which changes in some way. Instances: Murdock is a valid target in the village square ahead of the Attack at Nightfall and (if he survives) in the chantry afterward; Ostagar's Quartermaster could be stolen once by-day and when when the sun goes down (and reportedly a 3rd time following the Joining in older online game variations). The known consequences to unsuccessful efforts: A soldier at Ostagar will whine to Duncan, just who after that rebukes his recruit. Knights of Redcliffe Castle and protections of Orzammar can become aggressive. Greagoir will scold the Warden if he witnesses a failed attempt. This may also produce the Narrow path random encounter with templars and conscripted mages. Failing woefully to take in the Dalish Camp might cause the clan to cease trading and speaking with the party. A rogue set of hunters led by Melora will ambush the celebration in Wooded Hills, a random encounter usually creating while traveling between Denerim in addition to forest. Neglecting to steal in Denerim will generate a random encounter when traveling regarding the Denerim city map where a guard and sixteen troops recognize you as a thief and assault. Following this encounter, you will have another random encounter when taking a trip regarding city chart in which a guard and nineteen soldiers recognize you as a thief just who damaged the prior patrol and assault. Stealing while Stealthed adds the equivalent of 5 Cunning per Stealth position Stealing may occasionally yield no things or money, while still displaying the fortune message. The 1.04 plot repairs this bug.

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