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Voiced by: Peter Reneday

"From here, you two take your own. Remember, you are both Grey Wardens. We expect you to be worthy of that name."

The Warden-Commander giving an answer to the developing danger in Ferelden and Team father to Alistair, Duncan may be the one that recruits the PC. He has got been a Grey Warden for a long time today and commands great respect. He additionally seems to have contacts everywhere in Ferelden.
  • Cool Old Man: Also Daveth acknowledges it.

    Daveth: okay for a classic bugger. He is faster than he seems, too.

  • Dying second of Awesome: Mortally wounded, he still manages to perform a flying take-down of an Ogre (a monster you almost certainly had a hell of an occasion attempting to cope with at the top of the tower) along with his a reaction to the Hurlock billing at him with an axe should toss it a withering Death Glare. In demise, Duncan is a badass.
  • Face Death with Dignity: .
  • From a particular perspective: He informs the Dalish elf that there's nothing s/he may do for Tamlen. This is true, but you see just nearby the endgame, where you encounter a tremendously much live Tamlen attempting to withstand his change into a shriek. You merely assumed which he ended up being lifeless.
  • Good Is Not Nice: While he does seem cold and detached, he makes it clear he will do anything to save Ferelden from the Blight and saves your life in most of the origins. That doesn't imply he don't withhold information in regards to the lethality for the Joining or stab Jory when he panics and attempts to straight back out. While Jory had without a doubt attracted his blade, he did so while backing far from Duncan. Duncan is nicely summed up by the Warden when discussing him with Alistair.
  • I Did the things I needed to Do: He's very open about their membership into the plan of "the gray Wardens do whatever they must." Poor, stupid Jory.
  • Meaningful title: title Duncan can indicate either "dark-haired", "dark-warrior", or "chief/chieftain". Really suitable for Duncan, on all things.
  • Never ever receive the human body: word-of God is the fact that he is dead, however the Warden never ever locates his human anatomy during go back to Ostagar.
  • Recruiters constantly Lie: Not directly, but withholding important, extremely unpleasant details about the Wardens is a minimal blow.
  • Schr√∂dinger's Gun: Whatever beginning you can get, you receive recruited in to the gray Wardens because of the same man. Each origin displays the just reason your selected Warden may be the Hero is basically because Duncan happened to be recruiting in your area. The five various other possibilities tend to be kept to experience their fates.
  • Screw You, Elves!: Well, screw you dwarves, but yes. Delivers an extremely stealth one out of the Dwarf Commoner Origin, after the entire Proving Arena erupts in outrage that a mere without any formal education had simply beaten veterans of countless Darkspawn promotions. Duncan politely questions that has beenn't the entire point associated with the Proving to discover the best warrior in Orzammar?

    Proving Master: This wo/man isn't any Warrior, they've been Casteless! Denied by the Ancestors, his/her extremely footsteps pollute the rock! S/he doesn't have destination here!
    Duncan: Except as your Champion...

  • The Stoic:
  • Specific funny dialogue options whenever conversing with him will sporadically make him chuckle, such as the Warden's remark that before the Joining and Battle of Ostagar, some supper may be nice first.
  • Within the magi beginning, you may also get him to rather ardently declare that he wants the Chantry would see the possible that mages must help from the Darkspawn. This is basically the nearest he gets to a Not therefore Stoic moment.
  • This needless to say hearkens to their experiences in The Calling.
  • Your times tend to be Numbered: When Alistair tells the Warden concerning the Calling, he'll reveal that Duncan had recently started obtaining the aspirations that signal the start of it. Even if he previouslyn't perished at Ostagar, he wouldn't have had enough time kept.
  • Senior Warden Riordan

    Voiced by: Stephane Cornicord

    "It warms my heart to see such nerve."

    a gray Warden from Orlais, Riordan has known Duncan for some time. He is grabbed by Arl Rendon Howe after sneaking into Ferelden to ascertain just what took place towards Grey Wardens indeed there as well as the level regarding the Blight.

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