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Dragon Age Origins Pre order items

There are numerous great things about the Dragon Age games, but user friendliness of purchasing options hasn't already been one of those. In the run-up to both games' launch, it appeared as if you might get a new in-game pre-order bonus according to in which you bought it from, the full time of acquisition, or whether you decided to go with a level or odd day of the month to put your purchase. I do believe there was clearly even an unique helmet made just for people who had drunk exactly 13, 964 cups of coffee within their life time.

Bioware tend to be eventually collecting Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II's many disparate items collectively, and can provide them all to you, free of charge, in the event that you head to this promo web page and log-in together with your EA Origin account details. That you don't also need certainly to obtain the video game, when you're ever intending to select it up in the foreseeable future, feel free to stock up on freebies today.

In return, might receive 40 components of +3 this and -7percent of this. You don't get the actual content packs because of the giveaway, but it is nonetheless a fantastic extra fall of loot. I would get into particulars, but I forgotten my enchanted socks of +5 threshold to Stat Trawling.

One notable inclusion could be the Fan Reward Pack, a three-item bundle that was previously just available to individuals who decided to go to the 2011 hillcrest Comic Con. Sucks becoming those dudes - their reward has just become a lot less unique.

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