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Dragon Age Origins Reaver Specialization

Forkofpower - 7 years back

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  1. First you must finish "The Arl of Redcliffe" pursuit make before point where you have actually liberated Redcliffe Castle from demonic taint. Bann Teagan will then provide you with the "The Urn of Sacred Ashes" quest. Follow this quest range and finally you'll be accosted by a man called Kolgrim. Select non-provocative dialogue options whenever talking to him, or he can attack you. He can offer you the opportunity to champion their cause and give you vial of dragon's bloodstream and inquire one to pour it to the Urn of Sacred Ashes. Accept his provide and carry on the pursuit line to perform his request. Afterward, he'll appear once more while you make an effort to leave the cell and provide you power by-drinking from a chalice of wyvern's blood. Do this and you may find out the Reaver specialization the Warrior course.
    CynicalNaivete - 7 years back 0


  1. Specializations are learned from either another party user or by finding unique publications. So you need to hold searching. I only started a-game consequently must I run into any specializations i am going to post them only at
    Rdawg81 (specialist) - 7 years back 4
  2. To get the reaver expertise you have to drink the bloodstream after scattering the blood into the ashes.
    Rei_Ayanami_00 - 7 years back 3
  3. Here are most of the Warrior Specializations: Berserker can be discovered from your own partner Oghren or from a Tome purchased from Gorim in Denerim marketplace District. Champion is discovered from Arl Eamon (if you conserve him) or a lot later if you choose to put Loghain in your party and you will befriend him sufficient. Reaver can just only be discovered from Kolgrim during the pursuit "Urn associated with Sacred Ashes". Templar could be discovered from companion Alistair or from a Tome purchased from Bodahn during the celebration camp.
    Rdawg81 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0
  4. so like Rdawg81 had been saying - during the Urn of Sacred Ashes pursuit, you will confront Kolgrim in Wyrmling Lair. Apparently do exactly what he wants and then he'll teach you.
    moosh21b - 7 years back 0
  5. It really is the same as CynicalNaivete, but after you have been awarded the Raver specialization you can easily speak with Kolgrim again and destroy him whilst still being retain the specialization. It is possible to eliminate the tall Dragon after Kolgrim's lifeless additionally.

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