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Dragon Age Origins Redcliffe


A Missing Son Or Daughter

A Missing Child is a part pursuit in . Kaitlyn needs assist finding the woman missing sibling, Bevin, inside undead-plagued Redcliffe Village. If the Warden talks to Kaitlyn, that is sobbing inside the Redcliffe Village Chantry beside the chantry door, she'll request you to discover him.

You need to complete this before the nighttime fight.


Informing Kaitlyn not to fret which you can expect to seek out the woman sibling raises Wynne's approval by (+1) and Leliana's by (+1) .

If, however, you tell her you are going to leave this lady to the woman snivelling, Morrigan's approval increases by (+2) . In this situation you'll however get and complete the pursuit by talking to Bevin.

Kaitlyn's House

Mind inside and go into the bedroom off to the right. The Warden will discover Bevin hiding in a dresser. Wynne will order Bevin to come away straight away. Sten will threaten to burn him down.

The Warden may either:

  • Persuade/Intimidate Bevin to express the reason why he was in the house. He'll inform you of his grandfather's blade that he wanted to used to safeguard the city, but ended up being too young to lift.
  • Persuade/Intimidate Bevin to give you the key, or promise to pay for Kaitlyn afterwards. He will give you the key. The Warden may go upstairs and retrieve the sword through the chest. Bevin will undoubtedly be on Chantry when you return.
  • Fail to Persuade/Intimidate Bevin. Bevin will will not cooperate and run returning to the Chantry. You'll not be able to ask about the blade after ward.
  • Note: Improved coercion is required for very first persuade and intimidate dialogue choices. Professional coercion is needed throughout the persuade dialogue options.

    Go back to the Chantry

    When you come back to the Chantry talk with Kaitlyn once again. If you got the blade from the woman house you are able to mention it to the woman (and obtain plenty of endorsement modifications).

    In the event that you guaranteed Bevin to cover the blade and also you tell Kaitlyn about this guarantee Alistair (+2)

  • Thank the lady and give her nothing, or state No? Great.
  • If Sten is in the party he can suggest that The helpless do not need to ask what exactly is deserved. The blade is important. Sten (-10) :
  • If Sten just isn't within the party:
  • Inform this lady you’ll return it after the battle. She tells you to make use of it well and she’ll happily go on it back following the struggle.
  • Note: After The combat at Nightfall is finished you can easily keep in touch with the lady once more about returning the blade (or compensating this lady for it).

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