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Save the Queen

Save the Queen could be the mainline quest to no-cost Anora, King Cailan's partner, from Arl Howe at the Arl of Denerim's Estate. After completing Arl of Redcliffe and gathering others allies, the Warden moves to Denerim with Arl Eamon Guerrin. After showing up, Arl Eamon arranges for Anora's handmaid, Erlina, to meet up with aided by the Warden. Erlina tells the party that the queen has been held prisoner by Arl Howe on Arl of Denerim's home.

General Outline

  1. Arl of Denerim's Estate
    • Happen to be the Arl of Denerim's Estate
    • Talk with Erlina, whom helps you sneak in
    • Explore the main level and discover the right path toward cell
  2. Dungeon
    • Confront Arl Howe
    • Talk to various other prisoners
  3. Principal amount reprise
    • Fight interior protections
    • Rescue Anora
    • Escape or surrender


Map of Arl of Denerim's Estate – Outdoor

Journey to Arl of Denerim's home from the City Map and speak to Erlina. She'll explain that, because peasant unrest, only the straight back entrance is available. If Shale is within your party, Erlina will insist you keep it behind, since a golem could not possibly pass for just one of Howe's soldiers. Sneak past the crowds at the primary entry and proceed with the way to the back of the property. If you're spotted, fight the four or five guards who appear; they will not sound the alarm.

Map-Arl of Denerim's home - externalWhen you encounter Erlina once more, she's going to alert you your home guards will recognize your celebration as impostors, so allow her to distract them (just take some tips from the door to trigger the cutscene). Advance towards home to enter the main level. Should you choose to fight the guards outside, the disguises will not work and you will need combat the right path through estate. On pc, the disguises still work until such time you go into the cell, even if the exterior guards were killed.

Possible Bug- in the event that you have a touch too near, the guards may trigger (red groups) however assault. If this happens, Erlina will not check-out distract all of them. If you cannot strike them, in the event that you run far adequate away, combat will end. Get back and walk toward the trunk wall, far from Erlina and additional from guards, additionally the scene of this lady distracting them should trigger when this occurs. Should you choose battle them, later, Erlina just states "such for subtlety..." in a resigned tone.


Map of Arl of Denerim's Home – Internal

Once inside, search the western the main main level, thieving and looting as you might elsewhere. Eventually, you will be at the Queen's space, which was magically sealed, pushing one to find the mage accountable and thus—most likely—the Arl himself.

You'll still loot the residual areas with impunity except for one owned by Vaughan Kendells. You can strike your cover now or conserve that area for later. In either case, difficulty is on its way. Should you enter, you will definitely interrupt a maid and a guard enjoying a romantic minute. He understands that you aren't among Howe's guards and seems the alarm. Although he could be easy to kill, the residual protections will turn aggressive.

Within the last hall before attaining the cell you'll find a locked door that needs 70 Cunning to unlock. Behind it lies heaps of treasure, including Howe's Shield, moderate Gold club, and plenty of money. In the last area ahead of the dungeon, loot a Chest of Documents for Grey Warden reports, needed for getting use of the gray Warden Vault later on within the online game.

Map-Arl of Denerim's home - insideDungeon

Map of Arl of Denerim's Home – Dungeon

While you arrive in the cell, one of several prisoners takes advantageous asset of the distraction of the entrance to overcome their guard. Riordan is a Grey Warden from Orlais that has a quick conversation to you before venturing out. Give him the Grey Warden documents you took from chest in the earlier room.

Your disguises will no longer work, so get ready to start out battling. In the course of time, you will discover the right path to Arl Howe, which provides almost no conversation before attacking; if playing the person Noble Origin, there will be somewhat more discussion readily available than for others origins. His corpse features Biteback Axe and his secret, allowing you to release the Queen and using a shortcut to the primary level (via the stairs only away from area with him or through the metal club gate to the right).

Before you leave (or on your way to Howe), you might also need a chance to chat with (as well as perhaps free) a few of the other prisoners. Freeing Oswyn and Irminric and speaking-to Bann Sighard and Bann Alfstanna within Gnawed Noble Tavern will give you their particular help within the Landsmeet. Freeing Rexel and sparing him will give a reward if the Missing for action quest is finished at the Chanter's Board. Freeing Soris will net

Zevran approves (+4) to Zevran approves (+7) and he can later be found in Cyrion's Home. Releasing Soris will even make Shianni significantly less dangerous into non-City Elf Warden when she's spoken to through the Unrest when you look at the Alienage pursuit. Furthermore, Soris would be furious and insulting towards a City Elf Warden just who accepted Vaughan's offer through the Origin tale.

Just take unique note of Vaughan, who are able to be persuaded to provide you with an integral to a lockbox which contains 40

in exchange for their launch. Clearly he will not be there in the event that you killed him during the City Elf Origin; however, in the event that you did not, then your ensuing discussion would be rather different and Warden also has a choice of demanding him to become listed on the Chantry to be able to repent for their sins in exchange for their freedom. Their lockbox is located in the area using the guard that appears the security as soon as the warden interrupts the guard and the maid. Vaughan can be spared in exchange for their vote on Landsmeet. With a high persuasion, you're able to persuade him to give you one of the keys before unlocking the cell home, and after that you can free him, keep, or destroy him. Note that he often just snores whenever trying to begin the discussion with him, making it impossible to start the discussion. It has been stated that this bug may be precluded by choosing the locked cellular door to begin discussion, in place of Vaughan himself.

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