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Dragon Age Origins Riddles

Dead Hand

The great stone-hand ended up being one thing of a mystery. One assumes it really is a bit broken removed from a bigger entire. If that's the case, judging by how big is that one hand, I imagine the whole sculpture to be... well, large enough to require the utilization of obscenities to describe it. Thus I have one concern: where may be the remaining statue? It is difficult to imagine exactly how something so huge could go lacking. — From A Journey through Dales by Lord Horace Medford, "Adventurer"

The Dead Hand is amongst the Landmarks in the flatlands with an elven shrine beneath it.

Archer and Pillar Puzzle

While you go into the area using the archer, there clearly was a switch to the southeast, that'll open up a gate on the east region of the space. Go one of the squad into that area and now have all of them hold place. Any time you move a member of your celebration, reissue the hold demand. Performing this will keep them within their locations when you complete the puzzles. Then, return the change to its original position, providing the trapped personality accessibility one of several torches and a switch.

1. The southwest pillar is already down, so use the activate the little statue toward north to turn the archer.

2. The northeast side pillar is lowered by lighting all three of this blue flame torches. One burn is closest on entrance on western part, another is behind the gate regarding the west part (nearby the southwest switch) and also the last burn is on eastern side. This action is timed (albeit generously), so you may desire your teammates to carry position close to each torch before burning (keep someone near the switch besides). After all the torches tend to be illuminated, pull the switch to rotate the archer.

Note: it could be tough to get every team member to keep their jobs. The problem room is large, therefore the characters often break from their particular positions if controlled group member moves too much from the other-group members. Provided the figures tend to be significantly near the torches, or at the very least spread out for the space, you ought to have the time to light all of the torches and pull the switch before the pillar dates back to its original place. Often figures will successfully hold their roles if every person personality is commanded to carry position after going all of them near their torches. It's important to own a character nearby the switch following the torches tend to be lit. If line descends just partly, it indicates the timekeeper on a single or higher associated with torches features expired and certainly will should be relit.

3. The northwest pillar are lit up with one character get up on the pressure dish that glows in northernmost corner regarding the room, while another personality brings the lever to spin the archer.

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